Imperator: Rome – Keyboard Editing Guide

How to Edit Keyboard Shortcuts

Imperator: Rome is the latest grand strategy title from Paradox Development Studio. It is Set within the riotous centuries from Alexander’s Successor Empires within the East to the muse of the empire. Imperator: Rome welcomes you to live the pageantry and challenges of empire construction in the classical era. Manage your population and keep an eye fixed out for treachery and keep religion together with your gods.

Now for the players who are looking to play it via Keyboard, they are facing some trouble as they cant find or bind the desired keys to the controls. So, this Keyboard Editing Guide will help you to hopefully fix your control binding issues.

  • We will leave a shortcutbinds file link here for the ones who do not wish to read the entire guide : Shortcutbinds Link


Imperator: Rome – Keyboard Guide Step 1:

  • Location of shortcut File:

(GAME FOLDER)/game/gui/shortcuts.shortcuts

  • you can directly edit the game file and not change the checksum(ironman compatible)


Imperator: Rome – Keyboard Guide Step 2:

  • Make Backup

Backing up your game files is very important so make sure you back it up properly. Specifically you would want to make a Backup copy of the vanilla File.


Imperator: Rome – Keyboard Guide Step 3:

  • Changing Shortcuts

The keys used as values are pretty straight forward, essentially the face (e.g.”F1″ assigned to F1 key, and “a” assigned to the A key) is taken against the equivalent keys. At the end we will go over a few of the nuances we have found with modifiers and special keys.

Miscellaneous Actions

Lines 2-7 are various controls, We leave these alone. If you want to change the pause button (some people don’t like mashing the space bar), it’s on line 5.

pause = "SPACE"

Speed Controls

Added in hyphen and equals. for the ones who use an MMO mouse, so controlling the speed with the thumb is great.

Lines 8 and 9:

increase_speed = "=,KP_PLUS"
decrease_speed = "-,KP_MINUS"


Top Bar Controls

We have actually left these alone. we prefer the function keys over the number keys (unlike EU4 tabs) so we can assign numbers to our units. If you wish to change them, they are lines 12-22. You should be able to use number keys without issue, although we are not sure how this would overlap with units. The mercenary pane doesn’t seem to be correctly bound to the top_bar_11 action, so F11 doesn’t do anything.

top_bar_1 = "F1"
top_bar_2 = "F2"
top_bar_3 = "F3"
top_bar_4 = "F4"
top_bar_5 = "F5"
top_bar_6 = "F6"
top_bar_7 = "F7"
top_bar_8 = "F8"
top_bar_9 = "F9"
top_bar_10 = "F10"
top_bar_11 = "F11"


Map Modes

This one is more personal taste.we changed around the first few to how we are used to using in EU4, mostly similar to Arumba’s style. Some modes use a SHIFT modifier and a CTRL modifier, which we feel, makes a lot more sense than trying to reach our hand across the keyboard to hit Ctrl+I for example.

To make things easier, we added comments to know which number corresponds to which mode. For ease of reading, Iwe also removed the dev comment on line 33 which acknowledges they should have a modular map mode slot system like EU4.

we use the new “terrain” mode as my default “political” mode (as EU4 players are used to). You can swap this with Political if you want, that mode is a bit more opaque.

Lines 24-41:

map_mode_1 = "w" #Terrain
map_mode_2 = "q" #Simple Terrain
map_mode_3 = "shift+w" #Political
map_mode_4 = "y" #Culture
map_mode_5 = "u" #Religion
map_mode_6 = "shift+q" #Provinces
map_mode_7 = "shift+t" #Trade Goods
map_mode_8 = "p" #Population
map_mode_9 = "e" #Diplomacy
map_mode_10 = "alt+w" #Barbarian Power
map_mode_11 = "t" #Trade Route
map_mode_12 = "ctrl+p" #Player
map_mode_13 = "i" #Fortifications
map_mode_14 = "ctrl+q" #Region
map_mode_15 = "r" #Supply
map_mode_16 = "o" #Civilization
map_mode_17 = "shift+e" #Opinion
map_mode_18 = "ctrl+e" #Unrest and Loyalty


Unit Shortcuts

Since we are not using a WASD camera, we restored the EU4 shortcuts (D for detach siege, S for split in half, etc.). For ease of reading, we also removed the dev comment on detach siege (line 44).

Lines 43-48:

consolidate = "k"
detach_siege = "d"
split_half = "h"
reorg_units = "b"
force_march = "m"
merge_units = "g"



Since F11 is used for the top_bar_11 function, we just moved this one to F12.

screenshot = "F12"


Camera Controls

Simply removed WASD from camera controls here.

Lines 52-55:

camera_up = "UP"
camera_down = "DOWN"
camera_right = "RIGHT"
camera_left = "LEFT"


Imperator: Rome – Keyboard Guide Step 4:

Key Values

In this section I’ve compiled some helpful info on key values so you can get the right keys in your shortcuts.

PLEASE NOTE: we used an American standard QWERTY keyboard, anyone outside of this area might be able to help by testing special accent key values so that we can add to this list.

Some special values appear to be capitalized, some others don’t. we will have to test if this makes a difference or not.


Alphanumeric Keys + Hyphen and Equals

Pretty simple, use the lower-case, face value of key. NOTE: these do NOT include the numpad keys, those are in a separate section.

Letters (a-z, no accents):
* A key assigned "a", B assigned "b", and so on
Numbers: this is for the top bar only!
* Zero assigned "0", One assigned "1", and so on
Hyphen: "-" (note, this is NOT the numpad minus!)
Equals: "=" (note, hitting shift does NOT make this the numpad plus!)


Function Keys

Also pretty straight forward here. Note that F11 is the screenshot key (if you’re changing the top_bar values). NOTE: this does not factor in the FN button on your keyboard if you use one!

* F1 key is "F1", F2 key is "F2", and so on


Special Keys

Be careful with these, some of them appear to have hard-coded functions.

Enter: "RETURN" (not sure if this includes the numpad)
Backspace: "BACKSPACE"
Tab: "tab"
Escape: "ESCAPE"


Navigation Keys

we still have to test values for the PAGE, INSERT and END keys.

Up Arrow: "UP"
Down Arrow: "DOWN"
Left Arrow: "LEFT"
Right Arrow: "RIGHT"
Home: "home"
Delete: "DEL"
Page Up: 
Page Down: 


Numpad Keys

There are still some missing values here, so if possible we will update this list with them in future.

Numpad Plus: "KP_PLUS"
Numpad Minus: "KP_MINUS"
Numpad Divide: 
Numpad Multiply: 
Numpad Return: 



You can modify a key value by adding “modifier+” to the value.

Control: "ctrl+___"
* Example: Ctrl+Q is "ctrl+q"
Shift: "shift+___"
* Example: Shift+Q is "shift+q"
Alt: "alt+___"
* Example: Alt+Q is "alt+q"


Imperator: Rome – Keyboard Guide Step 5:

  • Multiple Keybinds

From what we can tell, you can have secondary bindings with any shortcut. Experiment with this however you will. we will test to see if you can have three or four, not sure who would use it but always good to know. Simply separate values in the quotes by a comma, and it appears to queue them up. The tooltip appears to only use the first value.


function = "first_value,second_value"


Imperator: Rome – Keyboard Guide Step 6:

  • This is Optional

You can use these lines to fill in your map modes (we used this for the above area to make sure we didn’t leave any keys out).

map_mode_1 = "" #Terrain
map_mode_2 = "" #Simple Terrain
map_mode_3 = "" #Political
map_mode_4 = "" #Culture
map_mode_5 = "" #Religion
map_mode_6 = "" #Provinces
map_mode_7 = "" #Trade Goods
map_mode_8 = "" #Population
map_mode_9 = "" #Diplomacy
map_mode_10 = "" #Barbarian Power
map_mode_11 = "" #Trade Route
map_mode_12 = "" #Player
map_mode_13 = "" #Fortifications
map_mode_14 = "" #Region
map_mode_15 = "" #Supply
map_mode_16 = "" #Civilization
map_mode_17 = "" #Opinion
map_mode_18 = "" #Unrest and Loyalty


  • This post is a work in progress, and we will be sure to update it as we find and figure out more controls. But this should get you started with the Keyboards Controls edit as of now. We Hope this Imperator: Rome – Keyboard Editing Guide will help you in editing, settings controls and figuring out the Keybinds properly.


credits: ActualBP


thats all!

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    1. There should be quite a few steam mods you can use from the workshop of Imperator: rome steam community. just make sure you check the incompatibilities of them as well. you should do fine with those only.

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