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If you are in for some spider hunting first-person action, Kill it with Fire is the game for you! A light but very interesting game to kill spiders and cause a lot of collateral damage, while doing so. In this guide, we will show you the locations for Batteries and upgrades that can be found, while you hunt for these tiny creatures.
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All Batteries and Upgrades in Kill it With Fire

1. First Contact

Upgrades (1)

  • Appears in the left cabinet near the television. Kill 2 spiders to unlock it.
  • This unlocks the Protein Shake.

2. Close Encounters

Upgrades (2)

  • A circuit board is located under the bed in the master bedroom. It gives you the S.P.I.D.A.R upgrade.
  • A gift can be found in the secret room containing the CargoShorts upgrade.

Batteries (7)

  • The second drawer located in the nightstand, to the left of the master bedroom.
  • Top right drawer in the dresser of the bedroom.
  • Inside the trashcan in the study hall.
  • Behind the cushion of the green chair in the study hall.
  • The left of the study desk located in the corner.
  • Inside the secret room.

3. Domestic Duties

Upgrades (2)

  • Inside the dryer which takes 3 objectives to open. An upgrade called Gel Insoles can be found there.
  • Inside of the trash bin in the garage, there’s a circuit board. This also unlocks the Sigma Module.

Batteries (8)

  • In the bottom right drawer of the brown dresser
  • In the cabinet to the right of the stove, there’s a battery in the pot
  • On the dining table chair closest to the pizza
  • In the microwave
  • Inside the washing machine
  • Between the dryer and the blue basket
  • Inside the grey toolbox
  • In the corner behind the wheel barrel

4. Major Inconvenience

Upgrades (2)

  • Inside the right porta potty, there’s the upgrade: Kerosene Soaked Bullets
  • There is a drain to the right of the exit. It has a circuit board with the D-Cells upgrade.

Batteries (9)

  • Inside the trash can near the entrance
  • In the locker behind the front desk to the right
  • Under the front right wheel of the truck outback
  • Behind the yellow container
  • Inside the garbage outback
  • Inside the tent behind the red container
  • Behind the left porta potty
  • On the wheelchair outside
  • Inside of the drain to the far left of the wheelchair outside

5. Garden of Evil

Upgrades (2)

  • Behind the second unlocked door in the corner, there’s a circuit with Arachnodex on it.
  • Inside the shrine, there’s a gift with the upgrade called Giant Magnet.

Batteries (8)

  • Behind the tiny rock statue near the entrance.
  • Behind the torch statue closest to the entrance.
  • Going through the first unlock door in the hallway, behind the rock with the objective on it
  • Behind the tallest pink tree.
  • On the railing behind the shrine.
  • Behind a rock in front of the shrine near the bamboo.
  • Behind a rock statue close to the second unlock door.

6. Barnstormer

Upgrades (2)

  • Inside a brown chest to the right of the entrance. You can find a circuit with the upgrade called Holster
  • The locker located inside the barn has the upgrade Reflex Sight in it.

Batteries (9)

  • Below the table with the orange pots on top and below
  • Behind the flower which is below the ‘Vegas’ sign
  • Inside of the hay bales near a rock outside’
  • Inside a crate near the greenhouse
  • In the back of the greenhouse
  • Inside the garage in a tray underneath the desk
  • Behind hay bales in the stable
  •  In the left porta-potty behind the toilet seat
  • Behind the hay bales in the barn

7. Paper Trail

Upgrades (2)

  • Inside the men’s bathroom, there’s a circuit up against the wall near the stalls.  This unlocks the Laser upgrade
  • Beneath the table in the conference room near the red chair. The Flashlight upgrade is located here.

Batteries (8)

  • On the side table in the lobby.
  • In the top drawer at the front desk.
  • Behind the computer monitor in the last cubicle to the left.
  • On the shelf in the server room to the right of the computer monitor.
  • In the left urinal in the men’s bathroom.
  • Inside the microwave.
  • On the table near the red chair in the conference room.
  • Behind a stack of papers on the shelf near the entrance to the conference room.

8. Contingency Omega

Upgrades (0)

Batteries (9)

  • The top left drawer of the first office.
  • Inside the trash can in the bathroom
  • On the ground to the right of the mini-fridge
  • Behind the control desk on the floor
  • On the armory table
  • On the ground beneath the round tables in the break room
  • Behind the monitor near the entrance to the research room

9. Consequences

Upgrades (6)

  • In the other office, there are the upgrades Goose Mode and Nuclear Generator.
  • In the drain behind the speakers, there’s the upgrade called Tiny Mode
  • On the shelf in the downstairs office, there are Arachno-scope and Cargo Pants upgrades.
  • Underneath the Van, there’s the Secret Sniffer upgrade.

Batteries (9)

  • In the bottom drawer near the stairs.
  • In the corner near the other Office
  • One is located inside the other Office.
  • On the shelf in the downstairs Office.
  • On the table with the speakers
  • Scattered on the sidewalk opposite of the van labeled  ‘Kill it with Fire Pest Control Inc.’ 

credits: Blorp

To sum it all up, a total of 67 Batteries and 19 Upgrades can be located and acquired in this game. If you or we find out more or may have missed any, feel free to comment down below. We are also open to questions and suggestions via the section below. That is all we had for this guide, and we will see you in the next one!

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  1. If anyone has trouble with the hairspray method where it does not give you the method of kill, I found the throwing star as a good substitute.

    1. There should be two batteries in one of these locations. And the rest should have one each. Usually, the batteries are located side by side so it won’t be hard to locate.

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