Knockout City | How To Perform/Counter Special Balls

If you want to learn how to pull off Special Balls in Knockout City and how to defend against them then this guide is for you. I have shared the details of how you can easily perform and counter Special Balls as briefly as possible without omitting any essential facts. Read the full guide to get to know how you can maintain a healthy win rate in this awesome fun game. Go be a pro!

Special Ball Tips, Tricks, and Counter-Play For Knockout City

In this cool game, there are many types of players. Some want to be a pro while others are more focused on the fun part. It doesn’t matter if you have a casual approach or a very serious one, I think this guide will help you out a lot! Here I am going to be talking about the different Special Ball Tricks you can perform in the game and also about how you can form counter-strategies to defend against them. So just relax and I will help you breeze through this guide.

The “Explosive” Bomb Ball

This doozy here is almost always a guaranteed hit. In a mid to mid-low range, this is a guaranteed hit even if they dodge/catch the ball because it explodes right in front of them if timed well. It takes 8.5 seconds after picking up to explode so try to throw it around the 7.5-second mark. You will be clearly able to identify its unique sound just before throwing. This can be practiced for longer distances as well by making accurate calculations before throwing. Generally, you need to add/subtract 0.1 to 0.4 seconds to make up for the distance the ball covers while hurtling towards the opponent. This ball will also explode 0.5 seconds after colliding with the ground so you can alternatively also pass it next to the opponent. Note: Pass the ball instead of shooting because shooting will auto-aim the ball towards your opponent’s body. Dodging/catch won’t work against this ball because of the explosion occurring right before their body or the ground beside them.

My Special Move: Kamikaze Dive-Bomb 

This special move is a tribute to the late WWE superstar Chris Benoit and is akin to Benoit’s Headbutt in that both will take damage. Do this only when you are at 2 hearts and the opponent is at 1 heart or when your team is on 9 points and opponents at less than equal to 8. Just grab the ball and run next to your opponent right before the explosion happens. This way if the opponent tackles you, the ball will explode and he will receive damage pushing you out of the area of the explosion. If he doesn’t, you both will receive damage but he will be the loser ultimately.

Counter Strategy

It is not much you can do to counter the Bomb Ball except for relying on your opponent’s inaccuracy. The only thing that comes to mind is to be as close to the opponent as possible before the explosion so that both of you take damage. However, if the opponent plays well then you stand little to no chance. Try to tackle him and catch the ball before he is ready to have at you and use it on him.

Sniper Ball

You always have to shoot this straight and cannot use Q-E to shoot it. This ball requires a line of sight to aim and can be an effective support strategy. Most people will catch it when you press F while aiming. Also, this ball is fairly easy to dodge by using wall’s to your advantage since it cannot get around them. You can use it in group ganks by flanking your opponents from behind. Do not throw this ball right away after pressing F since the opponents will easily catch it due to the catch animation being too long.

Counter Strategy

You can block your enemy’s firing line by throwing an ultimate ball at them. Even a normal ball can be used here since your opponents must catch it. However, if the speed is slow then opponents might still throw at you. You can dodge them by hiding behind walls and calling for help.


You can simply wait at a corner and spam unsuspecting enemies from point-blank range. Or if you are approaching enemies from behind, just charge the ball by looking at a wall and spam shoot your enemies. Q-E or E-E will work just fine here. Even if you miss 1 or 2 the 3rd one will definitely hit. You are most likely to hit 1 or 2 opponents if you do this. You can fire 3 at a time and note the fact that a good player can perfect catch all 3 of them. However, chances are they won’t most of the time and this can give you a guaranteed hit.


You can’t dodge this at very close range so be careful always of your surroundings. The only thing to do here is tackle enemies who are too close. If they are further away you can just dodge or try to catch them. A riskier stratagem would be trying to perfect catch all 3 of them with your teammates.

So this completes the guide here for now. If you have any questions for us then be sure to leave a comment. You can always share your thoughts with us. I hope that you enjoyed going through this guide and I can bet that you will definitely find these tips and tricks useful. I will be back soon with more gaming content so do keep an eye on this page. Take care!

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