Lost Ark | Ultimate Lumerus Guide

In this guide, I am going to break down all the patterns of Lumerus in the game Lost Ark and teach you how to dodge them. Today our very special guest is going to be Lumerus and this guide is designed to help you learn “back attacks”. So check out my guide on Lost Ark and feel free to leave your feedback.

How To Completely Master Lumerus In Lost Ark

A lot of the safe zones are right behind him. The battle items you want to bring with you are HP potions, a flare, or a pheromone bomb. Like any Guardian Raid, you should start with using your flare to locate the Guardian.

This is also going to be a big map. When Lumerus tries to run away, throwing your pheromone bomb will prevent him from doing so.

Basic Attacks

Right Arm Slash

Lumerus will lift his right arm up. Then he will perform a slash. When you see his right arm go up, quickly dodge to his side or stay behind him.

Fire Breath

If Lumerus glows, he is about to fire his breath. Like the slash, quickly move towards the side or back.

Glow White

If Lumerus glows and jumps, a shock wave will shoot out in a cone shape. Make sure you get to the side when Lumerus glows white.

Glow Blue

If Lumerus glows blue, you can use a counter skill to knock him out for a few seconds. If your counter skill is on cooldown or you don’t have any, simply walk out of the range of this attack.

Combo Attacks

Child Pose

Lumerus will do a child yoga pose before he uses the combo attack. He will punch with his right hand, then with his left hand and use his breath in a combo.

  • Once you see Lumerus go into a child pose, start running in a counterclockwise direction.
  • You should be able to dodge all three attacks.

Blasts From Ground

In another attack, Lumerus lifts both his hands up and slams them on the ground. A few seconds later, multiple springs will soar from the ground.

  • This is a good time to deal with the damage.
  • Find a spot where there are no springs next to Lumerus and deal as much damage as you can.

Three Consecutive Shockwaves

When Lumerus starts shaking his head a few times that means he is about to use another attack pattern. There will be three shock waves coming out. This is easily dodged by staying right behind him.

  • If you see Lumerus shake his head, start positioning yourself towards his back.
  • This particular attack doesn’t really damage you.
  • However, he usually combos right after it. Just be aware of his next pattern.

After Lumerus Runs Away

After Lumerus runs away, he will start to use two more patterns. This one is just a combo of the one-two breath attack previously mentioned, and the spring blast patterns.

  • By the end of the 1-2 breath pattern, springs will start rising from the ground.
  • Do the same thing again and dodge behind his back. 

Charge & Shockwave

If Lumerus does not glow and hops he will go into a charging motion. After this charge is finished there will be a shock wave covering 300 degrees around him. The safe zone is of course you know where.


Lumerus is glowing white. Where should you go?

Move to Lumerus’ side.

Lumerus is going into a child pose, what should you do?

Start running counterclockwise.

Lumerus hopped, but did not glow, where should you go?

Behind him.

I hope this guide helped you master Lumerus. You can re-read the guide as many times as you want until you are able to master Lumerus. I hope to see you in the next Lost Ark guide. All right, peace. Bye!

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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