Mafia Definitive Edition | How To Fix Crashes and Unlock FPS and Refresh Rate

This guide is for all the Mafia: Definitive Edition players who are facing issues with the game. These include crash issues and unlocking FPS and Refresh Rate. If you also seek the solutions, check out this game guide.

Unlock FPS and Refresh Rate and Crash Fix for Mafia: Definitive Edition

Unlocking FPS  and Refresh Rate

  • Turn vsync off in display settings to unlock the fps.
  • Disable fullscreen optimizations on the main exe file to unlock refresh rate (Steam>steamapps>common>Mafia Definitive Edition>mafiadefinitiveedition.exe).
  • If the above fix doesn’t work then turn off fullscreen. Change the game mode to windowed, then turn borders off to get fullscreen borderless mode.

Note: Many of the graphical settings in my personal experience required a restart or even 2 to even have it take effect in my experience.

Crash Fixes

  • To fix the crash on startup launch the game using “mafiadefinitiveedition.exe” located in the folder stated previously which will bypass the launcher. Once in-game, disable the launcher.
  • Another potential crashing solution for some people is to go to the steam game properties and disable the steam overlay
  • Also, it is worth trying to remove other monitoring programs or overlays such as GeForce Experience if the issue persists
  • Missing DLL files can cause in-game errors and crashes, so you could try to reinstall DirectX.
  • In rare cases, you might need to set an exclusion for this game on some antivirus software or even windows virus protection.
  • Running “mafiadefinitiveedition.exe” as an administrator by going to properties>compatibility>run as administrator could help some people running into issues.
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Well, this all we got this time for you in Mafia Definitive Edition | How To Fix Crashes and Unlock FPS and Refresh Rate. More posts coming for Mafia: Definitive Edition!

Credits to ZeRoSmash

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