Magnum Quest | Tier List of Best Tank Heroes

 I have prepared a Magnum Quest Tier List of Best Tank Heroes. Check this guide out and rate the List as per your knowledge. Tanks are heroes that hold back enemies and absorb damage in battles.

They also deal with invaluable CC effects. The primary role of tanks is to protect damage-dealers or act as support heroes.

Magnum Quest Tier List Best Tank Heroes⇓

The Tiers define strength of your tank heroes. They have been classified from best to worst starting from S-class to D-class.

Magnum Quest Tier List of Best Tank Heroes ⇓

  • Rickers – Wild – Tier S
  • Alden – Shadow – Tier S
  • Harry – Wild – Tier S
  • Ares – Wild – Tier A
  • Fare – Forest – Tier A
  • Katos – Abyss – Tier A
  • Arthur – Fortress – Tier A
  • Julien – Shadow – Tier A
  • Manton – Wild – Tier B
  • Bill – Fortress – Tier B
  • Monroe – Forest – Tier B
  • Sur – Divinity – Tier C
  • Feng – Fortress – Tier C
  • Veara – Shadow – Tier C
  • Derla – Shadow – Tier D
  • Ecra – Fortress – Tier D
  • Carlotta – Shadow – Tier D
  • Sorsha – Shadow – Tier D
Tiers List (Classes)Remarks (Rating)
Tier SBest
Tier AGood
Tier BAverage
Tier CWeak
Tier DVery Weak

Magnum Quest Tier List of Tank Heroes Explained ⇓


Rickers – Wild: Tank Rickers belongs to the Wild faction. He is considered excellent for holding down an enemy with a lot of control effects.

All three of his active abilities can stun opponents which slows them down and prevents them from casting abilities.

Alden – Shadow: Ice Tank Alden belongs to the Shadow faction. He is placed in the first row of the team and should always lead the charge.

Using his primary skill, he can freeze surrounding enemies for 5 seconds. He has the skill of necromancy, which can resurrect an ally.

Harry – Wild: The Wild Hero Harry is an excellent tank for all combinations. He has good AOE damage, which inspires allies, increases ATK and Haste, which is probably the most useful parameter in the game.

He can also demoralize enemies by taking away Haste.



Ares – Wild: When people talk about the top characters in the game, they often mean exactly this character. Ares is a tank with huge damage, healing, and invulnerability up to 8 seconds.

Top-notch character in progress, around which most teams are built, as well as one of the top, picks against all bosses.

Fare – Forest: Forest Hero Fare is a great tank paired with Ares or Gaia. Using his 3rd skill, he can draw enemies towards himself, which allows for the above heroes to inflict tremendous damage.

Katos – Abyss: Katos is the first hero in this list from the Abyss faction. The heroes of this faction, as well as the Divinity faction, are very difficult to collect since they do not have separate faction calls.

The only place where you can get them is the Shop – in the “Ladder” section, but you need a large number of “Dragon Heart Blood” coins for that.

Arthur – Fortress: Arthur is the strongest healer in the game, and the optimal choice against all bosses, especially in conjunction with heroes of the fortress-like Feng, Cinia, Ecra.

Stronger than Aeluin against bosses, because he gives the team an additional bar of shields, which allows your heroes to take more damage than their maximum health permits.

Julien – Shadow: Julien (Phantom King) is another tank from the Shadow faction in Magnum Quest. An important feature is his transition to the etheric form for 16 seconds after being slain.

In this form, he retains 50% of his original form and gains full immunity to physical damage, but takes 80% more magic damage.



Manton – Wild: Manton is a Wild Centaur Warrior in Magnum Quest. He is a melee hero, but the spear that he throws can inflict damage on the back row of enemies.

His plus is the cut of 50% of the armor, but that’s not enough for him to stand on par with Ares, Feng, or Gila against the Guild Bosses.

Bill – Fortress: Bill is a Fortress tank that can deal area damage. He should be placed in the front row of the team. He can overturn and throw opponents, knocking them down and interferes with their use of abilities.

Monroe – Forest: Forest Hero Monroe is a control Naga tank that you can use against bosses as a front-row fighter. He has proven to be excellent against the Dumtior boss. He has decent damage for a tank.



Sur – Divinity: Sur is the first Divinity faction hero on this list. She is a unique combination of support, healer, and damage dealer.

Heals perfectly in a cone and the same skill deals damage to enemies. She has very high survivability for a non-tank and, using her superpower, she can attack along with the whole team.

Feng – Fortress: Feng is the top boss damage dealer. He deals higher damage than Ares, has better survivability than Gila or Hista, does not deal random damage, like Ecra.

Veara – Shadow: Dark Elf Veara belongs to the Shadow faction. She works very well against bosses after level 176 because her skill deals more damage the more health the enemy has.

With her second skill in the last moments of the battle, she deals huge damage to a boss.



Derla – Shadow: Derla is a very powerful hero of the Shadow faction. She can perform well both in the first row of the team as well as in the second.

She has one of the strongest AoE damage, and also has good CC effects, and can stun enemies.

Ecra – Fortress: Heal block, periodic invulnerability, damage reflection, attack steal, and heal are the features of Ecra. Plus she has the strongest area damage in the game and one of the strongest single-target damage.

Mechanics Skill 3 (Protege) allows Ecra to trivialize the mechanics of Shatrol and Damtior which is her best use.

Carlotta – Shadow: Carlotta is an assassin who, at the beginning of the fight, jumps behind the back of a second-line enemy and attacks them. She is comfortable against soft heroes like mages or archers.

Has the ability to cast a shield and use invisibility.

Sorsha – Shadow: Girl puppeteer Sorsha is not as simple as she seems at first glance. She has powerful explosive and area damage.

It synergizes well with control heroes, since her main skill attacks enemies with this effect, dealing damage and weakening them.

Note: Some heroes in this list fit in more than 1 category like Tank/Assassin. The pure tanks come at the top of this list.

The other heroes at the bottom are not pure tanks but have tank-like characteristics.

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