Magnum Quest Fairhaven Trial Complete Guide

The Fairhaven Trial of Magnum Quest is a rating event that promises to be extremely interesting. In this event, you have to defeat stages with enemies and reach level 100.

The event recurs from time to time, so check out our guide to get to know the best way to complete it. Magnum Quest is an imaginative IDLE RPG, and you can experience an amazing Hands-free adventure here.

It is a visually stunning 3D strategy game where you can have fun with players from all around the world. Check this out in full!

A Complete Guide For The Fairhaven Trial

The Fairhaven Trial is an important aspect of this game. You can find out the following components about it from this guide:

Background Story

The story behind this event goes somewhat like this. After the Summit Council’s conclusion, news of the Fallen One’s return spreads like wildfire across the land. Nearby fallen powers all begin to create their own agendas.

After meeting with the council, the famed Fairhaven Academy lost contact with Winden, and many head wizards begin to fear for his safety. Yet, they couldn’t simply do nothing as they awaited his return. A change was required.

They needed to find out a way of quickly training hordes of apprentices. If they failed to do that, they would be too weak to stand against the looming danger. Around this time someone thinks of Fairhaven’s greatest secret-the Forbidden Portal.

The Forbidden Portal is the gateway to the Armada Continent and the Shadow Realm. It was the very reason for which Fairhaven was created in the first place.

However, opening the portal would lead to the release of spirits and monsters from the Shadow Realm. The only plus point of this outcome being, dealing with these monsters would mean invaluable combat experience for apprentices.

After much debate, some of the head wizards unsealed the portal and combined together to lock them inside Castle Sermo. This is how the Fairhaven Trial came into being.

Anyone, regardless of being a Fairhaven apprentice or not, that swears to come to Fairhaven’s aid in time of need- with the objective of standing against the Fallen One, may challenge the monsters within and go through the Trial.

Gameplay Aspects & Mechanics

Monster Level
The monsters’ level will be determined by the time the players enter for the first time. As the event progresses, the monsters’ level will remain the same.

Ancestor Spirits Level
The players will have an Ancestor Spirits Level on entering the event. Defeating every single monster will grant EXP, which can be used to upgrade the Ancestor Spirits Level. A new skill will be unlocked each time Ancestor Spirits Level is upgraded.  Ancestor Spirits Level stacks up to 10.

Reset & Skip
During the event, you can reset challenge progress at any time, which will clear the obtained Cards and the recruited Heroes, and restore Heroes back to their base stats.

However, Ancestor Spirits Level will not be reset. The monster Lineup of each stage will be totally random and their levels won’t be affected. By resetting, you can opt to skip (win without fighting) a certain number of levels.

Here, Card Selection, EXP Stats, and Hero Recruit will be integrated later. With the oncoming of the event, you can have one free reset per day and in case of no free resets spend Dragonshards.

The best levels reached by the players will appear in Leaderboard Stats. At the conclusion of the event, Top 10 Players on the Leaderboard will get a Commemoratory Reward via Mail.

The Fairhaven Trial Strategies And Rewards


  1. The main rewards will be given after completing 60 stages.
  2. After completing 100 stages, you will receive a chest that can be opened at the beginning of the next event. Usually, it contains 60 emblems, which you can exchange for any character (except for the Abyss and Divine Faction, for which 90 are needed).
  3. Also, the first 10 players to clear the trial up to 100 floors, will receive a unique frame for their avatar at the end of the event.


  1. Every 10 stages you will have a Boss fight.
  2. Every day, you can restart the event from stage 1, only once. Resets are cumulative in nature.
  3. Killing enemies grants EXP, which will increase the scale of experience of the Ancestor Spirits, next to your avatar. Resets cannot affect this scale, hence making it easier to pass the Trial when resetting.
  4. In addition to the usual relics for killing enemies, for every 1 level of the Ancestor Spirits, you will receive a very strong buff. “Vastly Frozen Land” is a very useful buff, but it is rendered useless on some heroes like Fare.
  5. To make it easier to complete, you can use the following strategy (also suitable for trials):
    1. At the start of the battle, use the Auto mode.
    2. When you are certain of a victory (for example, when there is only one enemy remaining and he will not be able to do harm to your heroes), turn off this mode to charge your heroes with energy.
    3. Again, at the beginning of the next battle, activate the auto mode and turn it off at the end.
    4. This way, at the beginning of each fight, your heroes will always have full energy to use their abilities.
  6. You must collect Relics for damage, speed, and energy. This will allow you to quickly slay opponents. If you are focusing on AOE mages, as I recommend, then look for their specialized relics. If there are no above-mentioned ones, choose a relic to reduce damage to your heroes or to increase healing.

Recommended Heroes For This Trial

  1. You should always go for Mages with Mass Damage who perform well in the Long Range Challenge. A few of them are:
    • Issy (top damage)
    • Ecra
    • Derla
    • Sur (buff + damage)
  2. You should always try to take a healer on your team like:
    • Aeluin (top heal, excess heal is converted to shield)
    • Arthur
  3. Tanks with good survivability, capable of withstanding fatal blows, should be your front line heroes:
    • Ares (top damage + survivability)
    • Harry (buff + survivability)
    • Alden (survivability)

Do check out our other guides on this game which are coming soon. For any help or further queries kindly use the comments section. You can check out our other Mobile Game Guides as well. Take care, stay fit and have fun!

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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