Maplestory M – Best Classes Tier List (Updated)

I will be going over Maplestory Ms Tier List of All the best classes in the game. After reading this tier list guide, hopefully, you will have a better idea about these classes. Take note that this post is just a suggestive one.

MapleStory is an original side-scrolling MMORPG that packs great adventures. After investing a decent time in the game, this role-playing experience will allow you to unleash your wild side.

You can create and train a mighty hero, conquer perilous dungeons, overcome terrifying bosses, socialize with your friends, and much more.

Note that your tier list of best classes may differ from mine which is totally fine. Having that out of the way, let’s take a look…

Maplestory M Best Classes Tier List (Updated)⇓

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Tier Rankings and List of Criteria for Classes⇓

The Classification for the tier list is as follows:

SS Tier – Best of the lot. Can be considered the best in the game at the time of writing the post.

S Tier – Still a very viable option to SS tier and can be impactful in the game.

A Tier – A series of decent classes with very few shortcomings. If you want to, you can totally pick them

B Tier – A handful of shortcomings and the rating goes to OKish. You can play with a B Tier character but they are much less likely to give a large impact.

C Tier – A lot of shortcomings as compared to the top tier. Take note that in the hands of a seasoned player, even a C Tier can do very well. Hence if your class is listed here, don’t be disheartened at all. This is just a personal Point of view on the list.

maplestory m best classes tier list updated

Tiers [Rankings]Best Classes
SS TierKanna
S TierIce/Lightning, Ark, Kain, Demon Slayer, Dawn Warrior, Adele, Aran, Ho Young, Lara
A TierFire poison, Paladin, Dark Night, Hero, Thunder Breaker, Wind Archer, Pathfinder, Zero, Hayato, Cadena, Night Walker, Dual Blade, Luminious, Evan, Battle Mage, Night Lord, Shadower, Marksman, Pirate
B TierShade, Mechanic, Jett, Cannoneer, Angelic Buster, Wild Hunter, Mercedes, Kaiser, Blaster, Xenon, Illium, Kinesis, Flame Wizard, Beast Tamer, Corsair
C TierBishop, Mihile, Demon Avenger, Phantom, Bowmaster

Explanation of The Classes [Tier List]⇓


I am starting off with the Bishop. Bishops used to be the backbone of MapleStory Providing heals and Holy Symbols. While their role hasn’t changed, the game has. Bishops feel a bit redundant in the current day Maplestory M. Their grinding isn’t too amazing and while they do offer support during boss battles their damage lacks behind. Therefore I rate them as C-tier. And I hope Bishops will get a nice buff to their mobbing and bossing with the upcoming explorer revamp in MapleStory Korea.


The explorer fire poison mage is my next point of interest. While their playstyle can be a bit clunky with their poison mist fire, poison mages are decent grinders and can do some decent damage to boss monsters with their single target skills. They aren’t too bad. I would place them as an A-Tier Class. The final explorer mage is also in my opinion a formidable one!


The ice lightning mage has better mobility, better grinding, and their bossing aren’t all too bad. Their attacking hyper skill and some of their 5th job skills are a bit okay-ish at boss fights. but still, this is an excellent class in my humble opinion. Hence I pick the S-tier for this class.


The great Paladin Class. This class is a great contender for higher tiers, but for now,  this class is put to A-tier. Paladins are built for survival and they do that well. They can straight up ignore some boss mechanics thanks to their skills and their grinding isn’t all too bad either with various big range short cooldown attacks. An overall good class to play with.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight class has an attack called Dark Impale. This helps you to control crowds quite well. While the Dark Impale is an ordinary attack, their low cooldown, big range, 5th job skills make up for that. This class isn’t that popular but dark knights are tanky, decent mobbers, and decent for bossing as well. As long as their Gugnir descent is off cooldown, you can use this class in a proper manner. I kept all these in mind and put this class in A-Tier.


The Explorer Hero will melt through any boss with their 5th job skills. This class is very simple and perhaps balanced a bit too much in favor of bossing. This leaves their mobbing behind a little bit. They can grind pretty ok with their 5th job skills, but when those are on cooldown you are at Lord’s mercy! But still, the class does well what it was designed to do. So A-Tier it is.


Ark will be my first S rank class. It is amazing for bossing and grinds. This is a very powerful class. The only thing I didn’t like about this class was that getting to level 30 was just one big giant cutscene. But if you can survive that flood of cutscenes Ark is an amazing mobile and powerful class. I will put this one in S-Tier.

Thunder Breaker

Next up is thunder breakers. Nexon suddenly nerfed them after a recent patch. Still, thunder breakers are great for grinding, and their bossing skills are pretty fun as well. I would say they excel more at grinding than bossing but they are in my opinion just really fun to play. Thunder Breakers are hence kept in A-tier.


Shades are very colorful and with passive healing and revive a very safe class to play. Very nice for people who have a hard time facing Zakum. Shades grinding isn’t too bad but it ain’t great either. Their fifth job skills help a lot, but even their burst can be a bit lackluster. Their bossing skills aren’t super special either but they do provide debuffs and can split the souls out of monsters for additional damage. I will put this class in the B-tier group for the power ranking because their damage just isn’t all there.


The mechanic is another B class in my opinion. Their burst is great and their skills look pretty cool. But they require a lot of funding before they really start coming online. Their robots require a lot of setups. At that same time, other classes could have already wiped the map. They do offer support though and can increase the damage of party members which makes them pretty useful in boss fights. The mechanic is not a bad class, but it just needs to be nurtured into a stronger one.


Jett has been buffed recently and their fifth job skills are pretty nice. They are not top of the line when it comes to classes in MapleStory m. In my opinion, they are not too good or too bad. They are ok. I think Jett fits in nicely with Shade and Mechanic. Other than some specific skill sets about Jett, this is quite ordinary in my opinion. Unless they buff it, It will remain in B-Tier with the other two classes.


Cannoneer is one of the few classes which is worth your training XP. This class is great for grinding in the game. Besides the fun aesthetics, the class hides a true grinding beast. They deal an amazing amount of lines and are not too bad during boss runs either. They don’t have the firepower to be S tiers but I think that they are very very solid. Hence I am putting them in A-Tier for now.

Angelic Buster

Angelic Buster is a solid class in my opinion. Tanky with her shield, she can grind pretty well with her 5th job skills and while her aesthetics are not for everyone I think she is a solid class with perhaps a little bit of clucky bossing with her trinity bossing skill. But she is very unique and very hard-hitting when it comes to single skill-based builds. This class will get the A-Tier.

Wind Archer

Wind archers are amazing. Their names are literal since they use wind and are archers. This class has a vac orb that travels across the map sucking in monsters. They can unleash tornados and are generally pretty decent mobbers and bossers. The only thing holding this class down is that you will be buffing a lot. They have some additional mobility but nothing crazy like Ark. They are a very fun class to play and look at in my opinion. Also A-tier for the Wind Archer.

Wild Hunter

Another archer is the wild hunter. Wild hunters are a decent grinder and bosser. They can dismount their rides and control them separately. Their summons can help clear out parts of the map as well.

But this never was a class that stood out to me as an amazing grinder or bosser. Nothing bad but just nothing special either. I, therefore, put them in the B-tier. This class has a personal taste to it. Those who really enjoy it put it to the highest tier. I however do not enjoy it that much.


The 3rd explorer archer to make it in the tiers is Pathfinder. This class found its way into the A-tier. Amazing grinders and decent bossers. Pathfinders also have great mobility.

But this is also a class that has to put their main mobbing skill on a macro to actually play nice. If to need to use skill macros to actually use the skills properly this puts a skill gap and effort as compared to other Classes.

Pathfinder lacks a bit of bossing burst but again an excellent class to pick up as long as you know about the macro.


Mercedes has a lot of not so useful beginner passive that gives her the ability to glide up ropes and ladders. She has a hidden skill ceiling with a ton of animation canceling.

If you are unfunded, Mercedes really isn’t fun to play. This is kinda sad because her fifth job is really fun. But getting there can be a big pain.

Mercedes mains have to do a lot of work with her combos to gain the same effect some classes effortlessly do with 1 button. Therefore she is in the B tier.


This class was released recently. Kain is an amazing mobber and grinder. His skill mechanics aren’t too complex and while he has a lot of skills to use it ain’t ho young levels of craziness.

Kain is a fun and mobile class. Kain is amazing to play with right now and very powerful which gives it an easy spot in S tier.


Zeros’ playstyle is unique and combo-heavy. But I find that this class really starts to glow up after 5th job. Perhaps lacking a bit of damage without proper funding but they can be really strong and easy to grind with. Their utility is also amazing hence I placed them in the A tier.


They are built to be tanky and can soak up some of the damage of their party members. But this entire class is built around the gimmick that they need to counterattack with their royal guard skill which is decent enough.

But besides that, there isn’t anything else that’s really amazing. And since grinding is such a big part of the game there Mihile does not do well in this section either. Unless it gets a Buff from Nexon, It remains in C-Tier.


Kaisers’ skillset is kind of outdated like Mercedes. An empowered basic attack that isn’t really used makes Kaiser not so viable. A combo system that feels clunky and has a mediocre mobbing skill in blade burst is also a negative.

Kaisers do pick up the pace after 5th job and their grinding isn’t all too bad. Their bossing is decent as well. Overall the class is pretty well-rounded.

But it desperately needs a mechanical revamp in my opinion. 5th job nodestones are a nightmare for this class. But their grinding is soo good after 5th job. This will remain at B-Tier.


Hayato has a ton of skills with amazing range and short cooldowns making it very easy to train this class. Bossing wise I didn’t really like them that much though.

They have some utility and a lot of mobility. Hayato has a skill linking combo system as well. You can ignore that and just spam full-screen attacks also. Really geared towards grinding but a solid A-tier class in my opinion.

Demon Slayer

They have great survivability, mobbing, bossing, and mobility. Demon Slayer is pretty strong early on as well. Their mobbing can be a bit clunky without enough attack speed though and they rely a lot on their hyper skill to be up to double their lines.

Still, they are a very solid class that is easy to pick up. Definitely an S tier for me!

Demon Avenger

Nexon needs to buff this class in any of their recent patches. Their mobbing is very lackluster and their bossing attack isn’t anything special. You can also use your 5th job skill but that is also flawed in the class design.

Demon Avengers are easy to pick and do decent damage at earlier levels to point out some positives. Again, this comes down to personal taste, but for me, this class is not enough to main or pick up at its current state. A C-Tier for me!

Dawn Warrior

Another warrior is the dawn warrior and I am keeping them in the S-tier of classes. Amazing grinding, a ton of lines, decent mobility, and decent bossing. Their easiness to play and overall nice damage makes them an easy S-class contender in my opinion.


Blasters are very tanky and do a lot of damage when it comes to mobbing and bossing. Due to the combo skill gap the blasters have, a lot of players avoid picking them.

Why would someone put extra effort when in a much lesser effort, you can slay enemies and bosses. Given all this, Blasters are B-Tier classes but very viable and useful in the hands of a skilled warrior!


Adele is an overall great class to play with. It has certain invincibility traits which give it an edge over the others. It can also be buffed in the future. If that happens it will land in the top tier for sure.

For now, it remains in the S-Tier. It is useful for both bossing and grinding through levels.


Aran has a solid all-around skill moveset. From gliding and zipping across maps to doing damage to bosses, it does it all. You can also combo well with your regular attacks using Aran. All these qualities land Aran in the S-Tier.

 Ho Young

Joining the S-Tier with Aran is Ho Young. Why you may ask? That is because it has great bossing, mobility, damage, and griding potential. What more can you ask for.

If you can figure out the gauge management for Ho-Young Class, it will do decent work for you in the entire game. Not to take away the fact that they have excellent mobility and aesthetics, which make them fun to play with!


This is another Thief and Combo class. This one is not as good as Ho-Young but can be just as fun to play with. You need to get down the combos to make use of this one.

I am putting Cadena in A-Tier because they lack a small amount in Hitpoints and Survival Skills. They also have a high skill gap that separates them and requires some decent effort to play.


Xenon can be considered a Theif Pirate of sorts. This class has good grind potential using its 4th and 5th Job Skills. They also have a long burst skill which is an invincibility frame.

But the mains aspect that makes Xenon not a decent tier character is its 5th Job Skill. While others have an impactful one, Xenon feels kind of lackluster in that department.

When you need to lock on to enemies and charge up moves to use them it automatically sets it a bit lower. This keeps Xenon at B-Tier.


Phantom can be considered one of the weakest classes in the game in its current state. Their main skills revolve around Utility. This is not effective at all to defeat bosses on its own.

To really make this class shine, you need a lot of in-game funding. But wouldn’t you invest that same fund in buffing up an already good class? That is why Phantom stays at C-Tier for now.

Night Walker

Night Walker has a good amount of burst damage with decent survival skills as well. Mobbing can be done with the 5th job skill which is kind of a bummer but I will not complain.

Grinding is easier with this class since your skills do good amounts of damage to bosses and mobs. I will put this in A-Tier since the balance is okay-ish and not too much to put it at any higher tier.

This class also requires decent in-game funds, hence the rank!

Dual Blade

Dual Blade will be the A-Tier class for me. Their Grind is a bit of a letdown until you hit the 5th job, but they do a tonne of damage to enemies.

They have passive boosts which do well against bosses. Dual Blades are very mobile and picking one up is not that hard at all.


You either like playing this class or you don’t. This is great for mobbing, damaging, bossing, and all sorts of other activities. But the class comes with some limitations that I am not ok with.

The orb you need to use requires a lot of effort to move around on the map. If you really like playing it, you would put this class at S or A tier but I will keep this one at B-Tier.


Mobbing Bossing and utility is the USP for this class. If the boss is not moving, you will do quite well in doing damage. if the boss is mobile then you will have a tough time tracking and landing blows. This ability limitation keeps Kinesis in the B-Tier.


Luminous is pretty easy to pick up and learn from the get-go. They have a particular playstyle that is not hard to understand at all. They do well in grinding and all-around attacks. Hence this lands Luminous in the A-Tier.


Kanna is the first SS-Tier Entry in this tier list. From mobbing to bossing, mobility, grinding; you name it Kanna does it all. There is nothing this class cannot do in terms of the given points. And since these points cover most of the game, I am more than happy to put Kanna to SS-Tier.


Evan is a Burst Mage that deals decent damage to bosses. You can use this class at parties to take down bosses quite quickly. Evan has combos that you need to like, to totally enjoy this character.

If you do not enjoy this particular playstyle, you would avoid picking it. A great character to main but not the type I would prefer. I put Evan in the A-Tier as a result.

Flame Wizard

Flame Wizards tend to be underplayed in stats, and also in my personal opinion. The class itself is great to play with. The one thing that stops it from going into the big league of classes is the grinding mechanics. Due to certain limitations in that, Flame Wizard is B-Tier.

Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer has great mobility and is really fun to play with. She uses the summoned beasts to fight against bosses and enemies. But the letdown is the balancing part of this class.

It is not balanced properly at all. The Hawk Mode is useful to grind but this character totally needs attention and buffs from the developers. Hence this will be put to B-Tier.

Battle Mage

Battlemages are very well-rounded in terms of skills and mobility. They have shields and auras which help you in grinding and mobbing quite well. They have certain mechanics that are unusable in boss phases.

This hindering ability gap makes then A-Tier for me. Other than this limitation, they are quite well and can be picked up by anyone as their main.

Night Lord

Night Lords are assassins who use their abilities to sneak up on enemies. These are some of the original classes of the game. In the name of survival, you will only have dark-sight skills.

Other than that they come with burst damage. They can ramp up the EXP rate with the mobbing skills which make them quite viable for mobbing.

They also have decent bossing mechanics which make them good for the same purposes. This one is an A-Tier for me.


Shadowers are also decent grinders and you can farm a lot of EXP using them. IF you invest enough funds in them, their survivability and mobbing become well rounded. This along with decent bossing skills gives them the well-deserving A-Tier.


Marksman is quite tanky and has great mobility as well. Their Splitshot skill helps you to hit multiple targets at the same time. The skills are very straightforward and nothing out of the ordinary. The perfect deserving A-Tier for this class in my opinion.


Corsair is the Explorer Pirate class in Maplestory M. These ones use summons to do their work for them. They have decent mobbing potential with good amounts of grinding potential using their 5th job skills.

The class is good to play with if your skills are off cooldown. Once they go on cooldown it becomes a nightmare for you to survive or do anything. They also require a lot of in-game funding to get going. This limitation takes them to B-Tier.


Bowmaster comes off as a not so pleasing on eye class. This is all credits to its lackluster visuals while using the skills and animations. Bowmasters are kind of outdated for me just like Mercedes.

They have a turret that does okay-ish mobbing. Not at all viable at higher levels. Their 5th job skill boosts attacks and passives which is also not that effective, especially for my taste. Hence I reluctantly put them in C-Tier.


When it comes down to cool and good aesthetics in terms of 5th job skills, Pirates steal the show. They are really fun to play with, and their grind potential is excellent as well.

Once you invest decent funds in this class and it surpasses the 5th job, this really outshines most classes. But this climb to the 5th level and the funding required takes this one to A-Tier.


Lara is a yet-to-be-released class, and the expected release date is anywhere in the 2021 Winters. But depending on my trusted sources I know that this class is an excellent grinder.

It also provides burst damage and good amounts of party support for the entire team. She is kind of low on the HP side but makes up for it with the amazing defensive and offensive skills. Hence a definite contender for the S-Tier!

That is the complete tier list of all the characters/classes in Maplestory M. This list can be different from what you may have thought of. Feel free to let me know your thoughts about the ranking as well. Thanks for visiting and I will see you soon with more of such content.

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Last Updated on September 28, 2022

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