Mario Strikers: Battle League – How To Get New Gear

The entire Mario Brothers franchise has been a part and parcel of all gamers ever since its initial days. The game has evolved and branched out into many directions, with new titles, characters, maps, and environments.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the Mario brand name carries immense value and fervor even now. One of the many offshoots is the Mario Strikers series of games, which has a new installment. 

Mario Strikers: Battle League which is filled with items, coins, and gear. In fact, the ways in which characters interact with gears have changed considerably, meaning each set of gears impacts every character in a unique way.

However, before donning your character with gear, you have to know how to unlock them. The following guide will help players in getting their hands on new gear and all other details. 

Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers: Battle League – All about Gear sets and how to unlock

First things first, there are six sets of gear present in Mario Strikers: Battle League. These are: 

  1. The Trick Gear set
  2. The Turbo Gear set
  3. The Cannon Gear set
  4. The Muscle Gear set
  5. The Chain Gear set
  6. The Bushido Gear set

Apart from the last one, all the remaining five are unlocked right from the beginning of the game. All characters are also playable right off the bat, meaning there are quite a few builds that players can try and experiment with. Each piece of gear affects a relative stat of a character.

Princess Peach works well with the Trick Gear set and the Bushido Bracers, while Mario gets a big boost from the Bushido set. However, there is a drawback in all of this.

That is present in the department of buying individual pieces of gear. This is because even if you buy one item for one character, in order to use to on a different character, you have to make the purchase again.

Mario Strikers Battle League - Gear stats

Therefore, players will have to spend quite a good amount of coin in order to buy items for all of their characters so as to find the best mixings. The best and quickest method of unlocking new gear is to play the game on Galactic Mode and earning victory in as many matches as possible.

This will allow players to get more and more coins, which will be spent on buying gear set items. Do keep in mind that you cannot buy one whole set at once, meaning it is best to go for the single pieces that fit the character you are playing with best in the beginning.

The sets can be completed later on as the game progresses. The Galactic Mode gets unlocked after you finish all Cup Battles in Normal difficulty mode.

Coming to the last gear set, Bushido, the way to unlock it is the same as the Galactic mode i.e. winning all the Cup Battles in normal mode. Thus, it is no surprise that the Bushido Set is the best in the game, given it unlocks very late on in Mario Strikers: Battle League. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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