Mario Strikers: Battle League – How To Perform Hyper Strikes

Published: June 23, 2022 | Last Updated On: June 23, 2022

The Mario Strikers: Battle League has really reinvigorated fans towards nostalgia. The famed franchise has been a staple of gamers growing up, and in its newest avatar, there are a lot of takers.

In the game, players have several cool things to do. There are six gear sets available, with five of them unlocked right from the beginning. The final one, Bushido Set, will be unlocked after completing the game on Normal difficulty.

Alongside the gear, there are also special moves that you can do. One of the best ones is Hyper Strikes, which gives a guaranteed goal that is worth two points. The following guide will help players with knowing everything about Hyper Strikes and how to best execute them. 

Mario Strikers Battle League
Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers: Battle League – What are Hyper Strikes

First things first, each Hyper Strike is different for every character. Bowser and Mario’s attack will throw a fireball towards the goal, which will light up any opponents standing in the way. That will cause confusion amongst their ranks too. Likewise, Wario and Yoshi’s strikes will stun the opponents with the ball. 

Hyper Strikes in the game cannot be performed whenever you want. For that, players will have to collect an item called Strike Orb. It can be recognized as a bright ball that has electrical energy.

Therefore, any player on the team can come into contact with the orb which will pass the Hyper Strikes ability to all of them. That means you can do a Hyper Strike with any character within the next 20 seconds of the match.

However, if the team that is charged does not use the ability, its effect will dissipate and players have to collect one again. Though each character can perform a Hyper Strike, a stat will also dictate how how successfully you execute it. This is ‘Technique,’ which has an effect on the Hyper Strike meter.

It is a part of the minigame that players do before a Hyper Strike. Needless to say, the player with the highest Technique will execute the move in the best manner. 

Mario Strikers Battle League - Hyper Strikes
Mario Strikers Battle League – Hyper Strikes

Mario Strikers: Battle League – How to perform Hyper Strikes

The following steps will help you in performing Hyper Strikes in the game: 

  • Pick up the Strike Orb that appears on the field. As mentioned above, the effect will stay for 20 seconds. 
  • Press and Hold the A button. You will see a meter that has blue, orange, and black markings. 
  • The arrow on the meter will start moving. When it hits the blue area, press A. A goal can be scored through Hyper Strikes after hitting both blue markings on the meter. 
  • Having shot the strike, the opposing goalkeeper will try and stop the strike. Keep pressing A to break the goalkeeper’s defence and collect two points. 

There you have it, everything needed to perform Hyper Strikes. However, make sure that you are not tackled or interrupted while executing this. If that happens, you will lose the Strike Orb effect. Therefore, make sure you are in an open space and will have ample time to perform the maneuver. 

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