Mass Effect: Legendary Edition | Best Squad Mates Guide

Here you will find out about the top 10 best squadmates in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. The game is much more than alien races, space stations, extra-solar planets, the galaxy-spanning plot lines, and interstellar travel. In all essence, it is about the characters. The people in flesh and blood who share their rich backstories and histories along with their growths and struggles with you and their dynamics with each other. The friendships or enmities which you form with them leave an indelible impression on your mind that lasts a long time.  The game more than anything has given us some excellent squadmates to head on to missions with and in this guide I am going to talk about that.

Top 10 Best Squad Mates In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

10. Jack

Sure Jack can be a bit edgy at times, often to the point of unintended hilarity, but the core of the character is hard not to sympathize with. Behind her steely bravado and her foul-mouthed temperament exists a person who is just struggling to come to terms with the hard life she’s had to live.

9. Miranda Lawson

In so many ways the mirror image of Jack. Just with a totally different method of dealing with her problems. Emotionally distant at first and fiercely loyal by the end, Miranda is a fascinating character from the moment she comes on screen and the moment the trilogy signs off.

8. Grunt

This guy here is a man of action. Bred as a tank, his only job is to go Hulk-Smash on enemies. But his character is not one-dimensional either. There is plenty of growth as we go along. True he wears his heart on a sleeve and likes to speak his mind but the guy can be a great ally!

7. Legion

In the eternal conflict between alien races, Legion stands out as the mouthpiece for the never-ending battle. He challenges your perspective of whose side to take and one simply cannot be sure if they have chosen 100% correct. This man here justifies why the alien races have to take their battles to the extreme.

6. Tali’Zorah

Of course one of the original ones. Tali has been with Shepard since pretty much the beginning and is one of the mainstay characters. You always got to be wondering what is hidden beneath that helmet. The sheer growth in this character makes it a unique and interesting one. I don’t think Mass Effect would have been possible without her.

5. Liara T’Soni

Another one of the original gang. Probably one of the best ones. Liara’s arc throughout the trilogy is one of the strongest we get to see for any character. The game makes her the centerpiece of some of the best storylines.

4. Urdnot Wrex

The biggest and the baddest of all badasses in the game. This character is full of surprises. One of the most complex and intricate characters to be introduced into the trilogy. Good luck with this one!

3. Thane Krios

This is a character that constantly brings you joy. One of the most skilled assassins, he is involved in a constant battle with his philosophical/spiritual and his professional sides. The intense complexity of his character makes him a highly likable one.

2. Mordin Solus

This makes for a fascinating character arc from beginning to end. This guy may seem funny but there is a lot more depth to him than meets the eye. Apart from being a scientific genius, he is also a valiant soldier. I can guarantee that people love being around this guy.

1. Garrus Vakarian

Garrus is hands down the best Mass Effect character to date and we don’t see anybody dethroning him any soon. This character compels you to love everything about him. There is no possible character list without placing him on top. He forms a very strong bond with Shepard pretty early on and everything that adds to his character profile is unique.

The release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition solidifies the fact that space adventure games are here to stay. With proper character development, this game will rock the minds of players for quite some time. Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section down below to share your feelings about this game. You can also post your valuable feedback. Hope you enjoyed reading this guide. A lot more coming soon so stay tuned!

Last Updated on May 17, 2021

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