Medieval Dynasty Finding Rocks and Straw Guide

If you are a new player in the Medieval Dynasty, this guide will help you to find basic resources like Rocks and Grass (Straw). Check it out!

How To Find Rocks And Straw In Medieval Dynasty

Finding Rock

  • When you are walking on the grass there will be a typical “grass” sound.  But suddenly if you hear the sound of boots crushing gravel…voila!…you have found Rock.  Pick all of these up!

Finding Straw

  • Go to the main river.
  • Behind the first village, there is a big reed on the border of the river.
  • Look at the foot of the reeds.
  • There is a little plant, green, like a salad.
  • It’s what you are looking for!
  • This little salad can be harvested and give straw when collected.

Thank you for reading! That will be all we are sharing today in the Medieval Dynasty Finding Rocks and Straw Guide. We will be posting new updates soon.

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