Medieval Dynasty | How To Make Your Villagers Happy

If you are currently running a village in Medieval Dynasty, use these tips and tricks to make your villagers happy. Let’s check them out!

How To Take Care Of Your Villagers In Medieval Dynasty

Food And Materials

Villagers can only consume food and wood when they are in the storage buildings. They cannot take them out of boxes or lying around.
It is not necessary to assign workers to the storage buildings as shop keepers. Right now shop keepers don´t do any work.
Your wife counts as a villager, too. She too, needs the storage buildings to keep her supplied and happy. 50% of happiness is enough to make your villagers stay and work, so there is no need to raise villager happiness further. Productivity seems to depend on skill level, not on happiness. Still, villagers can become happier than that and it´s fun to see smiling faces.


If you assign one man and one woman to a house, after a while they will start liking each other and their happiness rises by 5%.
Then the woman has a baby and both parents get an additional 5% happiness.
(Your wife gets the same 5% bonus when marrying you plus 5% when having a child.)
Houses have room for 4 people, so villagers can have a second child and become 5% happier again.
Added up, that´s plus 15% happiness for parents of 2 children.
(Don´t know about grandchildren yet.)


The tier 3 tavern has a barrel, but crafting is not yet implemented.

That’s all we are sharing today in Medieval Dynasty | How To Make Your Villagers Happy if there is anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

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