Medieval Dynasty | Sellers, Shops, Goods and Supplies Complete Guide

If you have something particular to purchase from vendors or shopkeepers, or just need some supplies in general, this guide will show you where to get them. This is a comprehensive list of all shops and supplies they offer in the Medieval Dynasty. Have thee a look!

All Shops And Items Full Guide For Medieval Dynasty


  • This is a good place to start as it’s the starting town.


  • the Castellian you talk with while starting  the first quest sells bags, waterskins, and scythes
  •  You’ll get a waterskin soon enough so don’t bother buying one
  • The shed outside the town near the eastern field contains several scythes and other tools, just don’t be seen taking them, and you can sell them off in another town
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  • he’s usually in with the animals, sells meat, manure, and animal feed


  • Likes standing out in front of her house sells seeds


  • The owner of the tavern sells a variety of foods


  • Usually, next door to his house, sells stone and wood tools, cudgel, buckets
  • Falibors wife usually sits outside the house selling eggs, that’s it, that’s all she’s bringing to that relationship


  • the only vendor in town, sells farm tools, animal feed, manure
  • Tip: when coming to town, bring 6 logs, and you can beat Berthold in his woodcutting challenge, getting some rep and building points


  • The only vendor in town, sells some clothes, sewing needs, and flaxseed


  • Village elder, you’ll meet him from a quest, sells animal feed, manure and some seed
  • Dagobert’s wife, you’ll meet her as part of a quest, sells clothes and sewing supplies


  • Deals in iron tools
  • Deals in hunting gear, sell longbow, recurve bow and assorted pointy bits to be fired from them


  • Runs local fish and chip shop, sells fishing spear, raw fish, salt
  • Sells a variety of foods


  • Purveyor of iron tools and also has a crossbow
  • Resident food seller
  • Sells sewing supplies
  • Tip: all 3 share the same house so at the right time of day you don’t have to run around town to trade

Other Vendors

Sells animal feed and manure
– Lives with his wife halfway between Rolnica and Branica, you should see the 2 people markers on your map, unless you settle nearby you’re probably not going to visit him too much
Sells hunting items, bow, and longbow, arrows
Lives NE of Borowo, E of Baranica
– You’ll get sent to visit him as part of a quest anyway*Tip1* if you took the eastern road heading north to Sambor you’ll pass a fence broken by a wagon, go check the wagon, there’s a waterskin still in the back, and just behind the wagon you can find 2 iron bolts and a coif, keep them or sell them for a little extra gold*Tip2* if he’s sitting around his hunting cabin, you can take the knife, leather, and St John’s wort off the table outside without it being robbery, and also his stone Axe next to the firewood, but the firewood is tagged as robbing. He likes to wander away from the hut for long walks in the forest so if you want you can wait
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That’s all we are sharing today in Medieval Dynasty | Sellers, Shops, Goods, and Supplies Complete Guide if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

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