Metro Exodus | “It’s just a scratch” achievement guide

Most efficient way to do the “It’s just a scratch” achievement.


You can do this on Normal or Hardcore. We tried both and found them to be very similar. In this video the game is played on Hardcore. Both have auto- and quick save, so save often and reload if needed.


One Year Earlier – 0:00

The parts where you are attacked by the worm are scripted, so they are always in the same place, so you can learn to anticipate them and fire in advance. Most of the time you can scare it a way with the flames before it attacks you, but sometimes it will attack anyway, so be prepared to dodge. The trickiest ones are at:

  • 4:05 – jump to the left
  • 6:25 – jump to the right
  • 9:00 – jump to the right
  • 16:00 – run back as soon as you see the pipe breaking

The rest of the encounters are easy if you fire before or as soon as you see the worm. Also watch out for the slime on the walls and burn it before you come close.


Three Months earlier – 21:45

The second subchapter is easy as you don’t really have to take part in the combat.

When the first shooting sequence starts at 23:30, walk back and wait until they break the barricade; then help out from a safe distance and shoot the few remaining enemies.

When your buddy opens the train door, run forward and kill the two-three soldiers in front of you while they are still moving around. Hide behind the column as it is done at 25:30 and wait until they break the barricade, then run to the detonation point – it will start a cutscene before you reach it.

The third stage is after you recover (27:20). You have to kill another three soldiers that jump from the side. You can do that before they even start shooting at you then run to your partner. For the rest of the subchatpter, crouch behind cover and let your buddies do the work.


One Month Earlier – 31:00

In the last subchapter, you have to fight Nosalises in waves. Use corners every time you hear the combat music, so they can only come from two directions.

For the first one you can hide behind a car as shown at 32:20 and then they can only come from one direction, which makes it very easy. It takes about three waves, so pay attention to the music. When you hear the drums, you can use the time to reload. The car has explosives, so be careful.

The last one before the boss is at 38:10. Just crouch behind the desks and again they will only come from one place, so fire in that direction in short bursts until the music stops.

Then comes the boss battle (39:20). We recommend heavy tank for this one for the most ammo. You will be slow to reload, but you only have to do it once if you are efficient. Stick to the corners for the fight with Nosalises, and when you see the Blind One, move away from it and fire short bursts at it from a distance. Jump to the side if it tries to throw a body at you (for the Dodge master achievement, which is shown in the video, which is unlocked in a previous run but It can be done with the help of this video as well). Repeat this twice and it will start the cutscene.

The last part is only walking. Careful not to run into a Blind One. Do not die in this part and it will be easy.


post credit: nekov4ego


And that will conclude this Metro Exodus “It’s just a scratch” achievement guide. thanks for reading !

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