MHW: Iceborne | Alatreon Armor, Skills, and Weapons

In this guide of Monster Hunter World (MHW): Iceborne, we will show Alatreon’s Armors, Skills, and Weapons. But first, you will need to do certain objectives in the game to unlock Alatreon. It is a formidable foe, but the Armors and Weapons it provides is worth your farm. We will also show, how to unlock him in the first place.
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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Alatreon Armor and Skills

mhw iceborne armors appearence
Armors Appearance

1.Alatreon Armor and Skills/slots

a) Alatreon α+ armor sets and skills/slots
Escadora Wisdom α+

Resentment Lv 3
Critical Eye Lv 2

Escadora Soul α+

Health Boost Lv 3
Resentment Lv 2

Escadora Armguards α+

Attack Boost Lv 3
Power Prolonger Lv 3

Escadora Might α+

Attack Boost Lv 4
Dragon Resistance Lv 3

Escadora Sheath α+

Defense Boost Lv 3
Dragon Attack Lv 4

b) Alatreon β+ armor sets and skills/slots
Escadora Wisdom β+

Resentment Lv 3
Critical Eye Lv 1

Escadora Soul β+

Health Boost Lv 3
Resentment Lv 1

Escadora Armguards β+

Attack Boost Lv 3

Escadora Might β+

Attack Boost Lv 3
Dragon Resistance Lv 3

Escadora Sheath β+

Defense Boost Lv 3

2.Alatreon Divinity Armor parts and skills/Effects

Armor Part RequirementSkills/Effects
X2Element Conversion
X3All Elemental Resistance

3.Equipment Skills and Their Effects

Equipment SkillsEffects
Element ConversionYour weapon’s elemental power increases as your armor’s elemental resistance increases.
All Elemental ResistanceIncreases all of your armor’s elemental resistance by 20%

MHW: Iceborne Alatreon Weapons

1.Alatreon Great Sword

Alatreon Revolution

Alatreon RevolutionAttack PowerElementAffinity
1344Dragon 8100%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

2.Alatreon Long Sword

Dark Claw “Demise”

Dark Claw Demise
Attack PowerElementAffinity
924Dragon 6600%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

3.Alatreon Sword & Shield

Alatreon Sword

Alatreon SwordAttack PowerElementAffinity
350Dragon 4500%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

4.Alatreon Dual Blades

Alatreon Madness

Alatreon MadnessAttack PowerElementAffinity
392Dragon 4800%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

5.Alatreon Hammer

Alatreon Hammer

Alatreon HammerAttack PowerElementAffinity
1300Dragon 6300%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

6.Alatreon Hunting Horn

Alatreon Harmony

Alatreon HarmonyAttack PowerElementAffinity
1050Dragon 6300%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

7.Alatreon Lance

Alatreon Lance

Alatreon LanceAttack PowerElementAffinity
575Dragon 5100%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

8.Alatreon Gunlance

Alatreon Gunlance

Alatreon GunlanceAttack PowerElementAffinity
575Dragon 5400%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

9.Alatreon Switch Axe

Dark Switch Axe

Dark Switch AxeAttack PowerElementAffinity
875Dragon 5100%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

10.Alatreon Charge Blade

Alatreon Morphblade

Alatreon MorphbladeAttack PowerElementAffinity
1008Dragon 5100%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

11.Alatreon Insect Glaive

Alatreon Dragonspire

Alatreon DragonspireAttack PowerElementAffinity
775Dragon 4200%
EldersealSlotsDefense Bonus

12.Alatreon Light Bowgun

Alatreon Dominator

Alatreon DominatorAttack PowerDeviationAffinity
Custom ModsSlotsDefense Bonus

13.Alatreon Heavy Bowgun


AlbadashAttack PowerDeviationAffinity
Custom ModsSlotsDefense Bonus

14.Alatreon Bow

Alatreon Commandment

Alatreon CommandmentAttack PowerElementAffinity
336Dragon 6000%
Slots-EldersealDefense Bonus

How do we unlock Alatreon?

  • Finish MHW: Icebornes’ first post-credits story.
  • This will trigger the story of Blazing Black Dragon into Astera.
  • This means unlocking the Guiding Lands and defeating the Stygian Zinogre through the “Across the Lost Path” quest.
  • This unlocks the Safi’jiiva recon mission which you need do quickly to unlock the Alatreon quest: “Blazing Black Twilight.”
  • Head back to Seliana and you should see the Third Fleet Master at the entrance with a quest indication above her head.
  • That will be your entry point to Alatreon.
  • The quest is located in Quest Counter > Select Categories > Special Assignments > Blazing Black Twilight.

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