MHW: Iceborne – Arch Tempered Namielle Armor Set and Skills Build

Published: May 1, 2020 | Last Updated On: December 19, 2020

In this guide of Monster Hunter World (MHW): Iceborne, we will show you the build for Arch Tempered Namielle Gamma Armor along with the Skills. We will also list the Slot Levels and Effects for the Namielle Armor Set for ease of reference.

gamma Armor Requirement and Equipment Skill info

Armor Part RequirementEquipment Skill
2 x Namielle DivinityElement Acceleration: Continually attacking a monster free Element/Ammo up to Level 2 and increases Elemental damage.
4 x Namielle Divinity– True Element Acceleration: Continually attacking a monster free Element/Ammo up to Level 3 and increases Elemental damage.

Equipment Skill Levels and Their Effects

Equipment SkillsEffects
Evade Window Lvl 4– Greatly increases invulnerability window
Constitution Lvl 4– Reduces Fixed Stamina Depletion by 40%
Stamina Surge Lvl 3– Stamina Recovery speed +30%
Marathon Runner Lvl 3– Reduces Continuous Stamina depletion by 50%
Evade Extender Lvl 3– Greatly Extends evasion distance
Water Attack Lvl 2– Increases Water attack element power +60
Handicraft Lvl 3– Extends the weapons sharpness gauge. However, it does not extend the gauge beyond the maximum (Weapon sharpness +30)
Recovery Speed Lvl 2– Triples the speed at which you heal recoverable damage
Thunder attack Lvl 2– Increases thunder element attack power +60
Tool Specialist Lvl 1– Shortens time until reuse by 10%
Blight Resistance Lvl 1– Reduces the duration of all elemental Blights by 50%

Arch Tempered Namielle Armors, Slot Levels and Skills

Forge Armor Name
Slots Levels and Skills
Tentacle Cowl gamma + ― 4,2

– Stamina Surge Lv. 3
– Tool Specialist Lv. 1

Tentacle Cloak Gamma+ 4

– Evade Window Lv. 4
– Water attack Lv. 2

Tentacle Gloves Gamma+ 4,2

– Marathon Runner Lv. 3
– Blight Resistance Lv. 1

Tentacle Coil Gamma+ 4,2

– Evade Extender Lv. 3
– Recovery Speed Lv. 2

Tentacle Greaves Gamma+ 4

– Constitution Lv. 4
– Thunder Attack Lv. 2

Arch Tempered Namielle Armor Set Look Preview (Male and Female)

mhw iceborne arch tempered namielle armor set guide 1

That will conclude this short guide on the Armor, Effects, Levels, and Skills for Arch Tempered Namielle in Monster Hunter World (MHW): Iceborne. Your Questions/Suggestions will be addressed in the comments below.

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