Tap Sports Baseball 2022 | Best Beginner Guide and Tips

In this guide, I have shared some essential baseball tips and tricks for the game MLB Tap Sports™ Baseball 2022. MLB baseball game is BACK with MLB Tap Sports™ Baseball 2022.

Here you can enjoy hitting it out of the park and continue your MLB dynasty with the best baseball players. Baseball games come to your phone with MLB Tap Sports Baseball.

You get to manage a dream team of real MLB players and travel to authentic ballparks. Also, set your lineup and play ball. The question is can you take your team to the top?

This is totally tap-to-play and you can hit a home run with easy-to-learn controls. Check out the full guide to learn about how to play baseball the correct way in this game.

Tap Sports Baseball 2022 | Best Beginner Guide and Tips

Start with the basics

  • Pick your favorite MLB team.
  • Edit your lineup in the Team Menu.
  • Personalize your nickname.
  • Here you can also connect to Facebook and challenge your friends or associate your account with an e-mail address for easy logins.

Then start planning

Be patient and only swing at strikes. Use Cash and Gold Bars to get better players. There will be Free Agents change daily, so check on back regularly. You have to get Upgrades to improve all your players’ performance.

  • Also, you must customize your strategies by setting your Gameplan.
  • You will have to use an Ice Wrap to rest and start your Ace Pitcher immediately.
  • An Energy Bar helps your Pitcher go further with less fatigue.
  • The focus should be to advance through your division and earn a trip to the Playoffs.
  • In this game, you have to win a Playoff Series to earn a promotion.

You’re almost there

You should swing later to try to place the ball on the opposite field. And swing earlier to try to pull the ball for power. Right Handed batters have more success against Left Handed pitchers, and vice-versa. You can use the in-game Chat to trash talk with your opponent.

  • Also, you can check your opponent’s pitches to know what breaks to expect.
  • Know that resigning can cost you a Division Win.
  • Consider using a Pinch Hitter in a tight game when you need a lefty against a righty.
  • Once your pitcher is fading, consider a call to the bullpen.
  • You can also surprise the defense by sending a runner and then connecting on a hit-and-run.

Batter’s tips

  • A batter’s HITTING rating shows his ability to make contact with the ball and get on base.
  • A batter’s POWER rating determines how far he can drive the ball.
  • A batter’s SPEED rating affects how fast he runs the bases.
  • A batter’s BUNT rating influences his execution when bunting.

Pitcher’s Tips

  • A pitcher’s ARM rating shows how hard he throws the ball.
  • A pitcher’s CONTROL rating determines a pitcher’s accuracy in throwing the ball
  • A pitcher’s STUFF rating measures how tough his pitches are to hit.

Home run

In this game, you have to consider score, inning, outs, and ball location before sending a runner for an extra base. You can visit the Batters Stats menu to see BA, OPS, HR/AB, and a lot more.

Similarly visit the Pitchers Stats menu to see ERA, K/BB, WHIP, and other stats. Remember to never make the 3rd out of an inning at 3rd base. Go the other way to beat an infield shift.

  • Don’t bunt if you notice that the infield is in.
  • Use Steals, Bunts, and Hit-and-Runs when one run matters in a tight game.
  • Get ahead in the count, then look fastball and crush it.
  • Pitchers have trouble getting breaking stuff in the strike zone — so lay off it.
  • Most importantly, remember to have fun!

What about bonus games?

Here you can keep the action non-stop by playing games against the CPU called Bonus Games.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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