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As of August 2021, these are all the heroes and characters that you can play within Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I have also shared the details of the new hero which has come out as of July 2021 and also all the characters that are scheduled to be released later this year. If you are excited to find out about these cool and exciting heroes then do check out this guide.

The Classifications are done on the categories of Heroes available for the game.  I will list the categories below. This is also your Table of Content so to state, so refer to this if you are looking for any particular Hero:

Complete Heroes List

MLBB All Characters List And Upcoming Heroes 2021

Mobile Legends is such a game that has players always excited about new content and updates that are released on a regular basis. The game features more than 100 characters that you can choose from. Some heroes have a high difficulty level which requires considerable skill to handle while some are fairly easy to use. However, this does not mean that easy-to-use heroes are only for new players. There are a large number of pro players who use them and have pushed their ranks to a very high level. So if you are looking for the latest characters then here they are.

Full Character List

Category: Tank

Tanks are the heroes in Mobile Legends which absorb the enemy damage and provide invaluable crowd control effects. They are indispensable in team fights. The weaker heroes like Marksmen and Assassin stay behind Tanks and produce critical hits which completely wipe out enemies. Their role is predominantly as a shock/damage absorber, providing support but there are also some tanks that can completely solo and deal high damage. Needless to say that these heroes have the highest HP and normally using 1 or 2 Tanks in your lineup is quite common. These are all the current tank heroes available in the game.


Category: Fighter

Fighter heroes have a little less HP than Tanks but deal more damage. There are some fighters who if you farm well can carry the entire match on their own. These heroes generally depend on Ability attacks but also have decent basic damage. Having a fighter on your team is extremely important if you want a strong, well-rounded team that can take a good deal of enemy damage. These are the Fighter heroes I am talking about.

Yu ZhongZilong

Note that there are some heroes who fit into 2 categories simultaneously because they have the properties of more than 1 category. For example, Alucard, who has the attributes of both Fighter and Assassin. Hence some heroes come twice in two categories.

Category: Mage

Mages are like the witches and wizards of legend. These heroes do not have Physical Attacks but deal with Magic Damage. Their basic attacks are pretty weak but their Ultimate Skill or Ulti is absolutely devastating for any enemy. These heroes should be started off in the mid-lane. They rely heavily on their Abilities and are pretty weak early on hence they can be slain easily. But a well-farmed Mage can be absolutely lethal for any enemy team. Check out the mages of this game.

LunoxLuo Yi

Category: Marksman

This category of heroes is the favorite of all new players in MLBB. This is because they have ranged attacks and can deal damage from a distance. So you don’t have to get too close to enemies to hit them. But these heroes are pretty weak early on in the game and can be easily slain. As you level up your marksman hero you will find that they can deal insane damage and land critical hits. It is not uncommon to get multiple kills with a single hero. The best thing about this category is that their basic attack damage is quite high. Coupled with their abilities, marksman heroes form a formidable force of any team.

NatanPopol and Kupa
RogerWan Wan
Yi Sun-Shin

Category: Assassin

This is one of the more tricky categories to handle. You will find that in some games you will just sweep the whole match single-handedly whereas in some matches you will not be able to do anything. The primary function of an assassin in a team is to take out the damage dealers of the opponent team. Assassins should farm continuously to level up quicker than the enemy team.

They have arguably the lowest hit points but you won’t believe the damage they can deal, they can simply wreak havoc on enemies. It’s best to jungle fast in the early game and avoid ganks and team fights and use the jungle to stay hidden from enemies. But if you can level up the hero quickly, the enemy team will cower from you and either surrender or auto lose. It takes a lot of time to master these heroes so they need plenty of practice. New players should best avoid this category in Ranked matches.

SelenaYi Sun-Shin

Category: Support

Support heroes are not to be underestimated. As the name suggests their primary role in a team is to carry teammates to victory. They have special ability attacks and should be paired with another damage dealer of the team in a match. These heroes are typically a little weaker than Tanks but deal slightly more damage. If one of your teammates chooses a meta hero in the match then somebody should choose a support hero to assist him. But you should never try to solo with support or go for kills. Just try to get as many assists as possible and your team will be guided to an easy victory. Angela, Carmilla, Diggie, Faramis are good support heroes just to name a few.


New Hero And All Upcoming Heroes

New Hero: Natan

A new marksman hero has been released in the July 2021 update who is known as Natan, Spacetime Walker. It costs 32000 BP or 599 Diamonds to buy. This guy is known as the savior who travels through space and time. You can find out about his stats from the image below.

His popular quote is, ” It is in despair that I see the fondest hopes. ”

Skills And Abilities
  • Passive : [Theory of Everything] – Each time Natan’s skills hit an enemy, he gains a stack of “Entanglement” that provides additional Attack Speed and Movement Speed.
  • Skill 1 : [Superposition] – Natan shoots a dense mass of energy in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies along its path.
  • Skill 2 : [Interference!] – Natan launches a gravitational attractor in the designated direction. The attractor explodes upon reaching the end, knocking back nearby enemies and dealing damage to them.
  • Ultimate : [Entropy?] – Natan summons a Reverse-Clone at a target location. It inherits some of his attack attributes and copies all of Natan’s movements and attacks reversely. Natan can use the skill multiple times to dash towards his Reverse-Clone.

This hero’s specialty is Burst/Reap.

Upcoming Heroes Of 2021

The following heroes have been already launched by Moonton in the Advanced Server where they are still being tested in the prototype phase. Speculation is rife about a lot of heroes that are to be launched in the latter part of this year. If that be true then they are still in their development phase and we are yet to have our first look at them. However, the below-mentioned heroes have already been officially confirmed by Moonton and some players have already had the privilege to try them out.

Aamon, Duke of Shards

This hero is the brother of Gusion and is an assassin that wields magic blades and slays his enemies off guard.

Aulus, Warrior of Ferocity

Aulus is a furious fighter that fights more fiercely along with the battle continuing.

Just to let you know that there is no weak hero or strong hero in this game. Each and every hero can be used to win games if you can master them well. This takes a lot of practice. It’s true that there may be some overpowered heroes in the current meta but they will be nerfed in later patches. The hero that you should select in your match depends upon your team lineup and your style of play. With that, I would like to conclude my guide hoping that you had fun reading it. If you have anything to say then please leave your comments. Let us know how you like playing with the new heroes or you might also ask us about any queries. Thank you for reading and hope you have a great day!

Last Updated on October 7, 2022

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