MLBB | Best Tank, Fighter, And Assassin Hero 2022

Those who want to find out the meta heroes in the Tank, Fighter, and Assassin categories of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, check out this guide. This is the latest guide for 2021 after the release of the new patch.

The guide contains some old heroes who have received huge buffs after the latest patch as well as some brand new heroes who are just too OP in the current season.

After reading this guide you will be able to push your rank all the way to the top but before that, you will have to master all these heroes. Check them out!

Best Heroes For Tank, Fighter, And Assassin in MLBB 2022

Best Tank Hero 2022

Tank is a Class in Mobile Legends that has to be included in any team as the heroes in this Class play a significant role i.e. to protect allies and provide CCs. These heroes have the highest HP percentage and soak up tons of damage.

They are crucial in team fights and ganks. There is a wide misconception that Tanks do not deal a high amount of damage, but this is entirely false. A level 15 Tank can easily slay any enemy on the roster but do keep in mind that you need to farm fast to level up quickly.

Of the many Tanks released in the game, these are the ones who stand out this month. So, who are the best Tanks in the current META? Without further ado, let’s get into it!


These two Tanks hold the joint top position in the current meta. Let’s check them out individually.



This hero is my personal pick as the best Tank Hero in 2021. He is just so easy to use and has huge potential. Tigreal is a hero with numerous disruptive CCs, such as Slow and Stun which will certainly annoy his opponents.

Another asset that he has is his Ultimate, which allows him to pull nearby enemies and Stun them for 1.5 seconds. Tigreal will make life difficult for the opposing team in team fights as he can jeopardize all their plans.


This hero is not to be taken lightly. He can carry a team to victory in a matter of minutes. Arguably the most OP tank in this new meta. Throughout the season, Uranus has been enjoying a rise in popularity due to his great performances.

More players are interested in maining Uranus in Ranked Matches. Uranus is a Tank with high regen and can deal a lot of damage. He can easily become a nightmare for low-mobility Marksman heroes.

Best Fighter Hero 2021

The Fighter role is one of the roles/classes that is often deemed useless, but don’t be mistaken, the presence of a fighter in a team is quite important. They usually have high damage and defense, and at the same time, provide a crowd control effect that makes life difficult for the opponents.

Of the many fighter heroes available, these are best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends of the current Meta of 2021.


The present top two meta fighter heroes of MLBB in 2021. Let’s have a look at them.



For each month, X-Borg has always been included in the list of the best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. It’s because X-Borg has a great set of skills for a fighter heroSome of the pros of X-Borg: massive damage output, a long attacking range, and he’s also able to provide annoying crowd control.

With those pros, X-Borg ranks a joint first in this list of the best fighter heroes in Mobile Legends for 2021, although he has been nerfed several times.


It’s common knowledge that Chou is a perfect hero in Mobile LegendsChou is a fighter hero that can take over the role of the other heroes in his team. He can play as a tank and even as an assassin in his team.

Arguably the world’s best player, SK, has this hero as his favorite.

Best Assassin Hero 2021

Assassins specialize in swiftly eliminating enemies’ core members. They can easily reach the back lane and kill the enemy team’s main Damage Dealer, turning the tide of battle. However, most assassins are considered glass warriors, so players must know when to engage.


The current OP assassins of the calendar. Have thee a look!



Ling has a very unique mechanic that enables him to jump from any wall, allowing him to reach places faster than anyone else. “Tempest of Blades,” his ultimate ability, allows him to be invincible for a short time before dealing massive damage.

Players can use the following build: Raptor Machete, Warrior Boots, Demon Hunter Sword, Endless Battle, Thunder Belt, Berserker’s Fury.


Benedetta has seen great success in every meta since her release. Her remarkable mobility in the game makes her a popular unit. Most players can be caught off guard by her dashing ability.

This is also one of the reasons she is being played in professional leagues. Players can use Warrior Boots, Bloodlust Axe, Oracle, Bruteforce Breastplate, Hunter Strike, and Malefic Roar as the build.

With this, I must conclude the post. Before going into Ranked matches be sure to get lots of practice on these heroes to master them. If you have any questions for me you’d like answered then leave a comment.

I will be back with more exclusive guides on mobile games shortly. In the meantime enjoy and stay safe. Have a great day and check out some of my other posts on MLBB over here.

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