Modern Warfare 2 | How To Inspect Your Weapons

In order to correctly examine a weapon when you unlock a brand-new skin in Modern Warfare 2, you must be aware of how to inspect a weapon. In keeping with the series’ tradition, MW2 has a ton of unlockable weapon camos. Players will undoubtedly take great delight in working hard to earn the coveted gold camos for each weapon.

But in Modern Warfare 2, what good is a good camo if you can’t check your weapon? To learn how to accomplish it, continue reading.


How To Inspect Your Weapons In MW2

If you don’t know what “inspect weapon” implies, it’s basically a way to have a closer look at the weapon you have equipped. Your player soldier will hold up their weapon differently when analyzing a weapon, allowing you to view the weapon from several angles.

When you have a hot new camo installed and want to get a better look at it, this feature is extremely helpful. Every gun has a means for inspecting it, and premium skins and blueprints from the store or battle pass offer more thrilling techniques.

The MW2 weapon examination provides for enjoyable viewing—we know you montage lovers are eager—whether you’re looking at the various camo options or showcasing your brand-new in-store design.

How To Inspect A Weapon In MW2

So how does Modern Warfare 2’s weapon inspection work? According to the platform or input method you’re using, obviously.

Users using mice and keyboards and gamers who use controllers will need to employ various techniques, although they are all equally straightforward.

  • Hold Left on the D-Pad on the controller.
  • Hold the “I” in Mouse and Keyboard

The inspect weapon animation that appears on console versions will be triggered by this. That is all there is to know.

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Last Updated on October 30, 2022

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