Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Reveals New Weapon Skills, Locations, Monsters & More

Since its initial release in March 2021, Capcom’s flagship action RPG title Monster Hunter Rise has managed to win the hearts of millions of gamers throughout the globe due to its unique mechanics and the immersive gameplay experience it offers its players.

It is the sixth mainline installment in the Monster Hunter series and is available to play on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak latest news

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Reveals New Weapon Skills, Locations, Monsters & More

Fans of the Monster Hunter series are eagerly looking forward to the release of the upcoming ‘Sunbreak’ expansion that’s set to bring a plethora of new content to the title. Scheduled for a June 30th release, the DLC will include new locations, monsters, and characters alongside some tweaks to the gameplay and mechanics.

Recently, new movesets for the Sword & Shield, Heavy Bowgun, and Switch Axe have been revealed by Capcom through the official Twitter handle of Monster Hunter Rise, and they’re catching the eyes of casual and hardcore Monster Hunter fans alike as they can potentially bring a lot of variety to the combat mechanics of the title.


You can take a look at each of the upcoming weapons showcases below:

Sword & Shield:

  • The Sword & Shield has something called the “Destroyer Oil”. This, as we can see from the video, covers your sword with oil. This helps you to flinch the monsters even more. Quite a viable tool in my opinion.
  • Switch Skill Swap is another mechanic that we can see from the video. This seems to help you in extending and creating new combos for you and your hero.

YouTube video

Switch Axe:

Switch Axe has something called an elemental burst counter. As demonstrated, this compresses the energy burst into charge damage, which deals a decent amount of damage to the monsters. We also see Switch Skill Swap. You can swap skills in mid combos to extend and help you survive or attack more.

YouTube video

Heavy Bowgun:

  • We see a mechanic called the Setting Sun for the Heavy Bowgun. A wirebug will generate a ring. If you shoot multi-shots through that ring, the total number of hits will increase upon impact.
  • You can also use Skill Switch to alter your movesets and add some dynamics to your already devastating moves and skills.

YouTube video

While the exact details regarding the new skills that the upcoming DLC will bring to the title are still unknown, fans can get a rough picture of how these new weapons will operate based on the trailers revealed by Capcom.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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