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Welcome back to another guide for Monster Hunter Rise. Right, it’s just a super quick one today. We got confirmation that USJ collaboration is coming to Monster Hunter Rise, which is incredibly exciting, because this has always been some of the best looking Armor.

So in this guide I quickly want to recap that. I’ll give you guys a quick refresher, for those of you, who don’t know what USJ is. Of course I’ll cover all the important stuff. So if you guys do enjoy this, we would super appreciate if you let me know in the comments down below.

monster hunter rise usj collab

Monster Hunter Rise And USJ Collaboration Full Guide

What Is USJ?

Which USJ Armor set has been your favourite historically? Of course don’t forget to visit our homepage for plenty more.

But today of course I woke up this morning and there was a tweet from the official Monster Hunter Rise account, saying it’s official. MHR x USJ collaboration is coming now.

For those of you guys that of course have been with Monster Hunter Rise for a long time, you will know what this means. If however you are newer, USJ of course is Universal Studios Japan, the park in Japan.

Past Events

Typically in the past this has always been done whereby there’s a physical in-person event. These quests have always been a little bit tricky to do in the west.

To begin with, because it would normally involve someone having to go to the park in Japan and getting a special code which would then allow them to download or get access to a special quest, which you can then do in Japan in order to get that Armor set.

Now of course in the past this meant that you would have had to join a lobby. Someone of course had to host the quest for you.

If you guys cast your mind back to the Muslim world, of course a lot of people are hosting quests on Twitch. Things like that of course happened in previous games, whereas for Ultimate you could physically download the quest. Which means you would own it and then you can of course host the lobby and help other people get it.

Current Situation

However given the current climate, given the situation the world is in right now, I’m not entirely sure what that will look like this year. Whether of course there will still be that same physical in-person event albeit socially distanced or whether they’re going to go completely digital is of course still a big mystery.

There aren’t really many details. You go to the official website, it simply says a collaboration event quest will be delivered on Monster Hunter Rise involving a prize. Please wait for the follow-up report for details if you’re interested. So again you know, right now we don’t know too much.

How Previous Events Were Done

Of course if we look back at some of the previous ones, the US sets have been fantastic! Probably the peak of this was the Star Knight Armor setting for Ultimate. The set was too good and also looked cool. They always typically have this gold blue aesthetic, some of my favourite ones.

I loved the one from Monster Lacrosse. This looked incredible! There was of course Double Cross as well as Generations Ultimate. They had some fantastic ones.

Monster Hunter World was really really cool of course. They also did one for Iceborn. So the fact we’re gonna get this in Rise is really really exciting.  Of course when you factor in, there’s the Palico and the Palamute.


Now we’re probably gonna have even more stuff. They’re also typically attained through pretty, fun quests that are sometimes slightly different. Think about the Jagras quest in Monster Hunter World.

So yeah I’m quite excited to see what they do with the quest as well as the Armor. I just do hope this time around, they actually put some cool skills on it.

Because I know recently everything they’ve been doing for Rise, all the new collaborations, have just been layered sets, which of course does mean you can use them however you like.

But at the same time it would be cool if they use this as an opportunity to also put in some nice skills just to mix things up a little bit. But we’ll of course have to wait to see anyway.

That’s it, not much else at this point because it is just a tweet announcing it. So once we do find out I’ll keep you guys posted. I will however let you know that from this Friday I’m gonna be taking a few weeks off just for the Christmas holidays.

So if any news drops over the next three weeks, then I’ll cover it in the new year when I get back. But anyway that’s it. Let me know what you hope to read, don’t forget to keep it locked on for plenty more.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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