MORDHAU Combat Guides, Tips and Tricks

Guide, Tips and Tricks To Survive Group Battles in MORDHAU

Being the Hack and slash multiplayer game MORDHAU is, fighting or combating opponents, especially when they are in groups can be tricky. Our attempt via this post will be to help you survive this punishing multiplayer with some Guides, Tips and Tricks. Especially when the playing fields are not even!


Combat Guides, Tips and tricks – TIP 1:  Learning from your mistakes

  • Don’t count on winning every 1v2 as It’s not going to happen. Embracing failure and adapting will make you more skillful. You can learn from it and comeback stronger to win multiple fights.
  • Moreover, Try to analyze where you went wrong and try to work upon it next time round.
    Use the map to coordinate your next attack. Strategy is one of the keys to having a good game. So take advantage of even your death.

Combat Guides, Tips and tricks – TIP 2: Adaptation

  • Most important TIP here would be to take advantage of the situation and put thought into your actions which will drastically increase your survival. It’s best if you take full note and practice your out witting capabilities to the fullest.

Mindset & Body language

  • This term describes how your opponent is fighting and how he acts.
    If he’s a twitchy player that dodges it’s best you close the distance and carefully place your attacks as he might dodge and strike back.
    If your opponent was aiming for your head you can duck under the attack!
    DUCK while your opponent swings at you and then attack him to dish out damage without taking it yourself.
    If the opponent is going for your legs then JUMP and attack him.
    Read your opponents moves carefully and punish him/her when needed.

Combat Guides, Tips and tricks – TIP 3: Priority

  • Prioritize one opponent you wish to attack. Make a choice of either attacking a weak opponent or hitting the new opponent and catching him totally off-guard! Decision making is key.
    Take note of what your opponent is using and wearing. If he’s using light armor, aim for him. And if the opponent is missing head armor, Go for the head. Opponent with Spear? Chamber thrust attacks and close the gap. Again, approach is the key so make your decisions wisely.


  • This strategy is when you parry one attack of the opponent and attack the other. This will make your attacks unpredictable for your opponent, throwing your opponents off-guard. Immediately take advantage if this situation and make the most of it.

Combat Guides, Tips and tricks – TIP 4: Watch out for flanks!

  • The enemies will always try and flank and punish you. Never let them do that. Keep them in sight and keep track of their movement. If they go out of your sight you are as good as dead. So look out for flanks at all cost.

Combat Guides, Tips and tricks – TIP 5: Positioning on the map

  • It is a very important aspect of the survival game. Your position in the battlefield matters a lot. You would want to be at the high ground or your back should be against the wall. If an enemy leaves a gap for you to take chance go for it and punish their mistakes immediately.

Friendly Fire

  • You should take advantage of the enemy doing team damage. Moreover, you should passively try to make them hurt each other. Especially those who use long range swinging weapons like the Zwei or Executioner Sword.
  • The more lower the health the better your odds of surviving longer.

Whiffing and Punish

  • The idea is to be nimble on your feet and know the range of the weapons used in the game. This much hard work of doing the research will pay off, as you will survive longer.
    If an opponent misses an attack they are left completely open for the second, leaving you to punish them with an attack of yours! This works when you step out of the range of their attack and close the distance and land one of your own. Going back and forth is a great way to keep pace of your opponents and watch their movements and actions.
    Be warned that if they plan on whiffing you instead, they can attack again. Some weapons however [Executioner Sword,Maul] can only be swung once. But if they miss, then LET IT RIP!


Combat Guides, Tips and tricks – TIP 6: Feints/Morphs

  • Learn to do Feints and Morphs properly. This is critical if you want those easy kills. A simple feint is enough to catch someone off-guard and take a kill under your belt with ease. You can Morph your chambers, so practice it and take advantage of it.


Combat Guides, Tips and tricks – TIP 7: Make Aggressive Plays

  • You will have to switch up how you play once you get into the thick of it. DO NOT allow your opponents to be too offensive. Shut them down whenever possible and make your aggressive plays. Practice your Feints and Morphs since aggressive play gives you brief window of time to do one of these moves to kill your opponent. KEEP MOVING.


Here are some illustrative pictures to make you understand better:

Blue = You
Red = Enemies

Scenario 1 : Approaching enemy

  • This is an ideal scenario where an enemy will be approaching to help hsi teammate and this 1v1 case becomes a 2v1 now.


Scenario 2 : Strategy

  • So what you would want to do is cut off the Enemy 2 from the middle as show in the picture so that he cannot aide his teammate. Keep an eye out for both the enemies and try to parry the attacks of Enemy 2 as he will be stronger that his weak teammate. IF you are good enough, you will take down both of them.


Scenario 3 : Dont Try to Run!

  • There are a few reasons why running back is not a good choice when the situation gets bad.
  1. It will drain your stamina very fast, which will affect your parrying or blocking and ultimately you will end up dead without inflicting any damage.
  2. More enemies can spawn at the location you ran from, resulting in more enemies that you can chew. This will make the task impossible.
  3. Running back hence means you are asking for the situation to get worse. Worst case scenario, you will get swarmed and surrounded by enemies.


Combat Guides, Tips and tricks : Some more Helpful tips


  • Shields: If you encounter an enemy with a shield. Aggressive play can help you out. You gotta be really close to the opponent and Kick him. IF done right you can attack instantly giving you a free hit and him with a drop in stamina. Use Thrust to be safer.
    As Shield user [like using Messer/Heater] try to turtle behind it. Target ones without shields.
    Another way is to use aggressive play and go around their shield and strike them.
    You will land a hit more often than you think, if you do it correctly.


  • Kicks: You can morph into kick. This is how you can beat shield users once you get close to them.
    Kicks despite costing stamina, DRAINS stamina from the opponent. This is why aggressive play against “Shield” users can lead to them losing their only defense.
    Also it’s fun kicking them if they back their selves into a corner.


  • Billhook : It has a special feature that allows you to draw enemies in upon attacking them. This can be useful if you get tired of them moving backwards from you.


  • Light Helmets : Sadly these are practically useless against strong, two handed weapons.
    But chances are it might just save your life with clinging on to 10 HP from a single hit.


  • Lute: Fun fact the Lute is Stronger than the Training sword. So it’s basically better if you are stuck fighting with it.


  • Fire Bombs: Fire Bombs actually deal Objective and Structure Damage. So if you have to take down the barricade, Throwing a Firebomb will deal significant damage to it without you even touching it!


  • Friendly Fire: If for some reason you Team kill because they were bloody and mistaken for Red. Just Press the H Key and it will put a marker over ALL YOUR ALLIES on the map.
    This also means you can turn off the team color and never mistake your team for enemies.


  • Kills and confirmed hits: If you kill someone you gain 25 HP [100 if using Blood lust] And if you hit a enemy you gain back 20 stamina per hit. So always land your hits for stamina and never give up until that HP goes zero.


  • Leg Armor: If you see someone fully armored with a Greatsword or a Zweihander of all things. They don’t have leg armor at all. Best aim for it and be done with that guy.


  • Throwing Weapons: On some weapons that can be thrown like the Arming sword. You can morph into throw.


  • Bear Traps: Instantly kills people with no armor on the leg.
    Does 50 or 25 damage leaving them helpless on the ground.
    Also if you counter one you can hit it to disarm it.
    Or you can crouch and go over it without setting it off. Really helpful item to use!


  • Chase Mechanic : Basically a mechanic where if someone runs close to you it basically means no matter what armor you have and how slow you are. You WILL eventually catch up.
    A recent update nerfed this but take note of this. IF you run make sure you watch your 6!


credits: DJSummers

And that will conclude our Guide for MORDHAU Combat Tips and Tricks. We hope that it may have shed some light as to how to survive those multiple fights simultaneously.


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thats all for this post!

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