MORDHAU – Runescape Mode Guide

How To Access Runescapes Mode in MORDHAU?

In this MORDHAU Runescape mode Guide we will show you how to Acess/enable the Secret Runescape 4 game mode. It is a bit tricky to find so we illustrated the guide with images to follow up. Read on, and in the process get access to new Runescape 4 maps and more..


MORDHAU Runescape Mode Guide Step 1:

First and foremost is accessing the game itself so you would want to access it from the steam game library and not from any other .exe files or 3rd party files:


MORDHAU Runescape Mode Guide Step 2:

Make sure that you launch MORDHAU from the Steam library only and not from any other place. If the launch button does not work, then try troubleshooting it by verifying game files, but this should be the basis of your starting:


MORDHAU Runescape Mode Guide Step 3:

Sometimes the game crashes in the loading screen as we have found out, with some players. If this is the case try verifying game files if it crashes from the loading screen or update drivers and check for updates, to be on the safer side. But mostly it should work quite well:


MORDHAU Runescape Mode Guide Step 4:

Once this screen has loaded up, You will see your MORDHAU loadout which will include your customized mercenary:


MORDHAU Runescape Mode Guide Step 5:

Now what you want to do is open up the console, located in-game. In order to do this you go hit the “Tilde Key” ( “~”) which is usually located just to the left of the “1” key on your keyboard. It will be like as show below:


MORDHAU Runescape Mode Guide Step 6:

After Hitting this key a black Console Box will appear at the bottom of your screen. Look carefully and you should be able to see it. It is hard to locate on first sight but its there. We will show with an image, where it is located (Highlighted with green) :


MORDHAU Runescape Mode Guide Step 7:

Click on the Console Box and enter the following command lines:

  • r.mipmaplodbias 500
  • r.skeletalmeshlodbias 500


MORDHAU Runescape Mode Guide Step 8:

After inputting the above command lines, You should see the changes in your screen immediately. Your normal MORDHAU will be converted to the secret Runescape 4 Mode, as show below:



MORDHAU Runescape 4 Mode Guide: A few Maps:

Here, we have put up some Runescape 4 maps so that you can be assured that it works well:

Runescape 4 Map 1
 Map 2
Runescape 4 Map 3


credits: Vorch

Now you can enjoy the Secret Runescape 4 mode in MORDHAU and buy quite a few gf in the process. We hope that this MORDHAU runescape mode guide has helped you to finally enable the secret game mode and explore the game a bit more!


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