Mortal Kombat 11 | Classic Arcade Ninja Skin pack Release

MK11 Early Access to Classic Arcade Ninja Skin pack and more..


With the Release Announcement of the Kombat pack from netherrealm, the Mk11 community lit up. The Devs unveiled a lot with the introduction of Shang tsung along with Nightwolf, Sindel, Spawn and 2 more characters. They will offer Skins and Gears with each DLC character and 19 additional skins with the early access.


Here is the Kombat pack release video:


One of the interesting things we unveiled was that there can be possible Early access Klassic Arcade Ninja skins packs included in this mix. If this is the case then the MK11 fans are in for a pleasant surprise.

Many players have been wanting these Klassic skins for some time now. But some of these skins are similar to the current set of skins the game has to offer. But as several posts in different forums have confirmed, these are indeed different from them.

Now having that said, as we found out, a lot of players were disappointed as well, since they like the hooded looks of the already existing skins of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. On the contrary, other players were not so happy with the new hooded looks.

Such strong statements raise a mix of emotions from the Mk11 community and the normal players in general. We will just have to wait and watch if that is indeed the case and whether this news is true or not. Most of the community is saying that it is 99% confirmed so hopes are high for them. Here is a cover of the new MK11 classic arcade Ninja skin pack we found:



And with that early access potential spoiler, we conclude this MK11 classic arcade ninja skin pack article. Love it or hate it, one cannot deny the fact that these DLCs and skins bring something new to the table. And makes one want to at-least try it!


that’s all!

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