Mortal Kombat 11 Erron Black 21212 string combo guide

How to do Erron Black and Kung Lao’s 21212 string combo in MK11?

In MK11 the importance of combos strings is all that matters between winning and loosing a match. There are several cool combo strings to try out, from a wide range of character and move lists. But the coveted combo string for most players is Erron Black’s 21212 ( or for XBOX ONE YXYXY) combo in MK11, which is aslo one of  the combo strings of Kung Lao.

You may think its easy to do since its just hitting alternate buttons in quick succession. But the problem is for some reason it does not work like that. We personally have tested hitting the keys as fast as possible with the thumb but it just wont work. So the question is how can we do this coveted 21212 or YXYXY combo?? We have found out some ways to do it, so read on….


MK11 Erron Black 21212 string tip 1:

So for the first tip what we found out by some research is that, you have to do it the unconventional way. By unconventional we mean instead of hitting 21212 you do a 2112, 1+2. Keep in mind that this will work for Kung Lao as well.

In Order to do this you can tilt the controller sideways a bit to hit the 1+2 with you thumb easily after the 2112. As tricky it may sound once you get the hang of it, you will become consistent with it, so keep practicing!

You can even follow it up with a Locked and loaded special, when you do the 4th input of the On the Shoot Combo string. This will result in massive damage to your opponents.




MK11 Erron Black 21212 string tip 2:

The second suggestive tip is not recommended unless you cant get the above Combo string down. Momentarily take you hand off the analog stick and hit the 21212 or YXYXY in quick succession using both hands and get back to your analog stick again. As strange and inefficient as it may sound, Many professional players actually use this technique and it works for them brilliantly. So if they can implement it, in a competitive scene, you can do it as well with some practice.

NOTE: that this is just a suggestive tip and this may not be suitable for most of the payers, so the next tip we came up with should be the most ideal for most players, so read below..



MK11 Erron Black 21212 string tip 3:

This last and final tip is something we came up with, for the ease of pressing buttons as doing it with your thumb is impossible as of now. So what you would want to do is change your “1” or “X” with “LB”  and that should be it!

Tweaking or Interchanging one small button means that now you can move you analog stick and use both your hands to do Erron black’s and kung lao’s 21212 easily, all at the same time. Chain it up with some cool EXE’s and more strings to go HAM on your opponents. Here is a Video Link which shows how to change the binds and how it impacts the 21212 or YXYXY greatly. You can also watch the video here:


We hope that this Mk11 Erron Black and Kung Lao’s 21212 Combo String Guide will help you to finally do the coveted combo and inflict greater damage on your opponents. If it helped you in some way you can leave a comment below. Suggestive comments are also welcome which we can share with the community!


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thanks for reading!

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