Mortal Kombat 11 Kenshi’s Blindfold Not Working Fix

How to make Kenshi’s blindfold work again in MK11?

So, Lately players are facing a major problem or a glitch of sorts when they are using Kenshi’s Blindfold in MK11. After a point their Kenshi’s Blindfold is not working in the Krypt.

For those who do not know, Kenshi’s blindfold can be used to look into an alternate dimension to reveal secret loots, locations and chests. Check Here to know how to get Kenshi’s Blindfold in MK11. So the Question arises is how can we fix this issue until, maybe, the developers get a fix in themselves.

Well it actually happens because apparently the Blindfold uses your soul Fragments. As long as you have the right amount you can use it and after you run out of soul fragments, Kenshi’s Blindfold stops working and disappears. So, the only fix so far is to farm soul fragments without breaking a sweat. For those who want to know how to do this, read on…


Kenshi’s Blindfold Not Working Fix Step 1:

The Key here is farming soul fragments and keeping enough of it to use Kenshi’s Blindfold any time.

Q: How to easily farm the soul Fragments?

Ans: Pick an AI character you have ease of using or you know very well and Tweak it to your own comfort. You can do this by going to Kustomize tab in MK11 menu and going over to the Character Tile and then tabbing over to Abilities Tab. Here a detailed AI Build setup guide for any of the character you want to use.


Kenshi’s Blindfold Not Working Fix Step 2:

After Creating Your AI, next what you want to do is use it at the right places to get the most out of it. We recommend that you use it in AI battles (AI vs AI) or you can use it in Klassic Towers as well. What’s good with Klassic towers is that along with Soul Fragments you can get +2 Hearts as well which is used to open the Shao Kahn Chest. Just make sure you use majority of your skill points in KOMBOS and REVERSALS. This will ensure those fatalities and brutalities most of the time. In normal AI vs AI battles, you will get 1 Heart per match by doing Fatalities or Brutalities with your AI. But in Klassic Towers you can get +2 hearts as well!


Kenshi’s Blindfold Not Working Fix Step 3:

We recommend using Noob Saibot as it still an OP AI character as compared to others. Finally what you want to do is Gather the rewards as quickly as possible and move onto the next fight. We say this because this will increase you efficiency even more. You will only have to stick around to press continue and collect rewards and then repeat. A pretty efficient and easy way to farm souls in large amounts. Even though we do not recommend using a third party software to auto-click the continue buttons, IF you want to do it, do it at your own risk and it will be a hands-free job basically!



So, that will be all for this edition of MK11 Kenshi’s Blindfold Not Working Fix. Until the devs get a patch or fix in, the only legit way so far to tackle this glitch, is to do this method and not worry about getting into trouble. We hope this has helped you a tiny bit. Feel free to comment down if so.


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