Mortal Kombat 11: Koins, Soul fragments and Hearts Farming Guide

How To Get MK11 Koins, Soul Fragments and Hearts

Mortal Kombat 11 can be quite grindy when it comes to collecting Kombat koins, Soul Fragments and hearts. As much as it is fun to do, it can be frustrating at times to grind out for long duration.

The game has 3 differing kinds of currency you’ll ought to acquire to open up chests — kombat koins, soul fragments, and hearts. You’ll get a handful of rewards for completing everything in the game, from beating towers to claiming victory in online battles. But, it’s still a grind.

If you’re facing troubles to finish the Tower of your time challenges, or simply need to relax whereas the game collects all forms of currencies for you, then we recommend using AI Fighters.

AI Fighters are a returning feature from Injustice 2, and they’re implausibly helpful. You can send AI Fighters to compete in any offline Tower of Time challenge, letting the strong AI beat down almost any opponent.

The One Character we would highly recommend here is Noob Saibot. You can experiment with other characters as well, but this should be your best pick for AI character build. In this Guide we will show you how to do that :


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MK11 Koins, soul fragments and hearts farming step 1 :

AI Fighters ar obtainable as substitutes for pretty much each Tower of your time challenge.
To use them, merely toggle on “AI Fighter” with SQUARE / X when selecting a Fighter, before starting the farming process.
Using an AI Fighter can earn you precisely the same rewards as a normal Character.


MK11 Koins, soul fragments and hearts farming step 2:

  • Pick the Strongest attributes of the A.I Fighters : Put the most of the  Skill points in KOMBOS and REVERSALS.

Here we will show you Noob Saibot AI Fighter Build :

  • Grappling : 5
  • Rushdown : 5
  • KOMBOS : 30
  • REVERSALS : 20

To change AI Fighter settings, go to KUSTOMIZE and select a fighter. From there, select any KUSTOM LOADOUT and then head over to the AI Fighter tab.

Every single loadout has customization with the AI Fighter settings — you are not required to create a replacement loadout.


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MK11 Koins, soul fragments and hearts farming step 3:

 Reverting your skill point to those two Attributes will make your grind a bit easy. All you need to do is press continue in between fights and chill during the fights, as the AI will take care of the enemies.

Stats to consider while using A.I FIghters :

  • Noob Saibot can defeat Anyone with the above mentioned Build
  • Use Skarlet for fast rush-down characters and Strong Zoning Fighters. If you are having problems defeating a particular character by Saibot, make the ZONING/RUNAWAY attribute of Zoning fighters to 30 and you would be able to defeat the impossible ones also.


MK11 Koins, soul fragments and hearts farming step 4:

How to Farm/Grind for Hearts in MK11?

  • Hearts are one amongst the rarest currencies within the game.
  • To get hearts, you would like to kill opponents with a Fatality / Brutality.
  • You only get one Heart per fight, thus it will take for a while to grind for 250 hearts — that is needed to open a Shao Kahn chest.
  • To easily farm hearts, enter the Klassic Endless Tower and use your strongest AI Fighter.
  • They’ll unceasingly fight, using the Fatalities and Brutalities, and climb the ladder till they die.

After that, just claim the rewards and you should be good to go!

We hope this MK11 Kombat Koins, Soul fragments and Hearts Farming Guide has helped you to make your grind a bit easy. Now you can just chill and enjoy the rewards.

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thats all!

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