Mortal Kombat 11 | Noob Saibot Red Sickle

Can we Really get the red sickle for noob saibot? or is it just a glitch?

Noob saibot red sickle2

Lately, in MK11 players are coming across a glitch of sorts regarding noob saibot’s sickle. It is becoming an “Edgy” red in color.

The reason for this, as the community has confirmed, is a glitch. Now the thing about accidental glitches is sometimes it can be pleasing for the players. This time round, players are actually liking this glitch. Majority of the Mk11 community actually want this to be put in the game officially by the devs.

Can we make this glitch happen to us also?

Well the answer is Yes! (Kinda). We have found out that it mostly happens to the Blue Sickles for Noob saibot. So you can equip a Blue sickle from your Kustomize tile and try it for yourself. And by community standards “it looks perfect for all of them”. For others, the sickle has also glitched into Golden colors which they liked also.

Noob saibot red sickle1

The colour contrast of Noob Saibot’s Black and the sickle’s Edgy Red really looks nice and players are pitching for it to make it in the game. If it done then it will be a good step towards relatable growth between the MK11 community and the devs. The players can really then, count on the devs to address their interests and issues, and in the process grow the game even more.

In a time where Fighting games don’t really get the recognition and views they deserve in the gaming community as compared to other competitive and Single player titles, these small things, if addressed by the Game Devs will really be a boost towards its progress.

And that will conclude this short and informative news. If you feel like this should be introduced in the game officially, feel free to root for it and support it to really make it happen and establish your place in the community. As far as we have seen, Netherrealm has addressed the small issues that players have been facing, so if this gets enough hype, it is totally possible!

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