My Time At Sandrock: How To Craft Bearings With Recycler

There are several interesting missions in My Time at Sandrock. Players can Romance other characters, and this game is definitely a treat in its genre. 

Given it’s based on crafting items and completing missions, players have to dive straight into it. One of the earliest missions, titled, “Picking Up the Slack” uses several items.

It is here that players will learn how to craft a metal object called Bearings. The following guide will help you craft Bearing and progress through the mission in My Time At Sandrock.

My Time At Sandrock Bearings

My Time at Sandrock: How to craft Bearings

The mission will be given to the player by Yan, who runs the Commerce Guild Store, and Rocky. They want to set up a Crane Lift at the Abandoned Mines.

Therefore, you will need to craft a number of items for the mission, including a Thick Rope and Bearing. However, though My Time at Sandrock follows on from My Time at Portia, the process of creating Bearings is different. You will have to use the Recycler instead of smelting the things. 

Players will be guided through the tutorial for making the Recycler second in the game. It is needed for the Workshop that you will use throughout the game. The items needed to craft the Recycler are: 

  • Wood-3
  • Grinding Saws-2
  • Stone Troughs-2

You can put all kinds of scrap and waste materials you gather in Sandrock in the Recycler to transform them into items of need. After finishing the construction of the Recycler, you will see many new items that the player can collect.

Now that you have the Recycler ready, keep looking for Scrap which can be used in a beneficial manner. You can find many Scrap items around the Workshop like: 

  • Wood Scrap- You will find Wood Scrap dumps all around Sandrock. They can be recycled into wooden plans, sticks, and wood. 
  • Copper Scrap- You will need to use the Pickhammer in order to dig up the trash inside the Abandoned Mines for this. Moreover, there are also piles present around the same place. They can be refined to make copper bars, pipes, etc. 
  • Rubber Scrap- These look like tires, and players can only dig for them with a Bronze Pickhammer. You can craft rubber items through this. 
  • Fine Wood Scrap- Players will get these from fallen trees and piles of the same around Sandrock. You will need a Bronze Axe for this. Once again, you can produce regular wood and fine wood from this Scrap.
  • Mechanical Scrap- You can find the Mechanical Scrap from the Abandoned Mines itself. These can be turned into Old Parts and Bearings. 

Therefore, having seen all the different Scraps that the Recycler can change into needed stuff, we need the Bearings. The Mechanical Scrap is found in the Eufaula Salvage Ruins of the Abandoned Mines area. Make sure you use the Pickhammer well to break down this Scrap found.

You can continue searching in the specified areas for more items. Players will level up and even gift these items to other characters in order to increase friendship. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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