My Time At Sandrock: How To Craft Thick Rope Guide

The crafting genre has been blessed with My Time at Sandrock. One of the earliest items players will have to craft is a Thick Rope. It is a Refined Crafting Material, and you can craft this item in the mission titled, “Picking Up the Slack.”

The player will have to assist Yan, in constructing a Crane Lift. It’s here where, among other things, you will need a Thick Rope x6. The following guide will assist players in how to craft Thick Rope in My Time at Sandrock. 

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My Time At Sandrock- Thick Rope

My Time at Sandrock: How to craft Thick Rope

First of all, players need to have the Worktable ready in order to craft Thick Rope. The Worktable is your one-stop place for making any new items. But there is a problem now. You cannot craft Thick Rope, since it is a Refined Crafting Material. Players will have to get the recipe from its respective blueprint Book.

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The Book is available in the Commerce Guild Store, run by Yan himself. It has various sorts of crafting recipe books and construction materials that will help the player in the long run.

This includes books you will need for the other Crafting Materials you will require for the original “Picking Up the Slack,” mission which has the Crane Lift construction. You can follow the below steps which will help you buy the book:

  • Go to the Commerce Guild in Sandrock, directly facing the Blue Moon Saloon.
  • Turn to the wall to your right and go towards the cash register on the table.
  • You have entered the Commerce Guild Store, which will allow you to look for the Book and buy the recipe needed. 
  • It will cost you 16 Gols to buy the recipe book to make the Thick Rope.
  • Having purchased the book, you will be able to see the resources required to craft Thick Rope. 

Commerce Store Guild

The resources needed to craft Thick Rope are Plant Fiber x4. It can be found in plant-based items all around the game. These include desert shrubs, tumbleweeds, woodpiles, and more. Sandrock is full of all these items, Therefore, players should not face too many problems in finding the Plant Fiber required to craft Thick Rope. You may have to look around a bit, but that should not take too much time. 

Having crafted Thick Rope at the Worktable, you will need this item for a variety of other crafting items and missions. Moreover, you can also gift the Thick Rope to other characters to level up in Friendship inside the game. 

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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