Mysteria~Occult Shadows~ | Flame Spirit and White Circle Guide

In this guide of Mysteria~Occult Shadows~, we shall take a look at Flame Spirit and White Circle. The main focus will be on, how to equip the Flame Spirit by pressing some buttons. Also on, how to Jump to the White Circle in the game. The inputs were performed using an XBOX 360 Controller.

Mysteria~Occult Shadows~ – How to Equip Flame Spirit and Jump on White Circle

Equipping the Flame Spirit

  • Press the “start” button and select the Information option.
  • change the TABS with LB/RB Button
  • Then Press the LT/RT Button.
  • You can Select Fire Spirit with the “Cursor” Button
  • Equip with the button “X”
  • Set this to any of the slots using the “Cursor” Button or Mouse.
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How to Jump to the White Circle

  • Press LB+X to Warp
  • Press LB+X after a Two-Step jump to Reach a Higher Place.
  • Use these two tips to reach White Circles without many issues.

That will be all for this guide. You can share your thoughts down in the comments. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

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