Mythgard All Keywords and Attributes List

This guide contains a detailed list of all the keyword(s) and their attributes, that are found in Mythgard. It includes some keywords from cards that are only available when it is created by another card. Simply refer to the table of content to find a specific word or check out the complete guide.
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All Keywords List and Attributes in Mythgard

Some Basic Keywords

  • Action – Perform one of the following: Move, Attack, or Activate
  • Destroy – Remove from play and sent to user’s boneyard
  • Banish – Remove out of the game from play, boneyard, hand, or deck
  • Mutant – Gain a random keyword attribute
  • Combat Damage – Damage dealt when a minion attacks
  • Opposing Lane – Enemy lane directly opposite
  • Adjacent Lanes – Lane Directly to the left and right
  • Threatened Lanes – The opposing lane and its adjacent lanes
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All Keywords List in Mythgard (A-M)

  • ACTIVATE: ACTION COST: Drag down to activate the ability by spending the minion’s action
  • ACTIVATE: ENERGY COST: Drag down to activate the ability by spending X ENERGY
  • AGILE: May any threatened lane, ignoring blocking minions
  • ALPHA STRIKE: Deals all combat damage before minions without ALPHA STRIKE
  • ARMOR X: All damage is reduced by X
  • AWAKEN: Occurs when entering play
  • BLAST X: After attacking, deal non-combat damage to adjacent enemy minions
  • BLIGHT X: At the start of the turn, the minion is reduced by -X/-X
  • BREACH: Occurs when dealing combat damage to a player
  • DEADLY: Dealing with any amount of combat damage to a minion destroys it
  • DEFENDER: Cannot attack. Must be attacked before other blocking minions without DEFENDER
  • DEMISE: Occurs when destroyed
  • DIVINATION X: Look at the top X cards of your deck. Place one on top and the rest on the bottom of your deck.
  • EMPOWER: Minion gains a one-time permanent modification
  • EPHEMERAL: When removed from play, Janish instead of destroying
  • FOCUSED X: Combat damage in the opposing lane increases by X
  • FRAGILE X: All damage taken increases by X
  • FRENZY: Gains an extra attack per turn
  • IMMOBILE: Cannot move
  • IMMORTAL: Cannot be damaged and immune to all destroy effects
  • LIFE TAP: Controlling player gains life equal to the combat damage dealt
  • LURKER: Cannot be attacked before other blocking minions without LURKER
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All Keywords List in Mythgard (N-Z)

  • OVERRUN: Deal all excess combat damage to a minion to the controlling player
  • PURSUIT: Occurs when going second in the turn order
  • PIERCING: Dealing damage ignores any ARMOR
  • REGEN X: At the end of turn, health restores by X
  • RUSH: May attack, move or activate when entering play
  • SAP X: Minion’s maximum health reduces by X
  • SLAYER X: Combat Damage given to a minion increases by X
  • STUNNED: Cannot AttAck, move, or activate
  • SUPPRESSED: Remove and prohibit all abilities and keywords
  • SWIFT: Gains an extra move per turn
  • TELEPORT: May move to any lane
  • WARDED: Immune to all non-combat damage and destroy effects
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That is all we are sharing for this guide on Mygard All Keyword Attributes List. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

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