NBA 2K21 2KTV Answers Episode 24

In this guide, we will check out the answers to the questions asked in episode 24 of 2KTV for NBA 2K21. By answering them correctly, you will win free VC, which is an in-game currency used to purchase items.

To get access to these episodes, you should first open NBA 2K21 and go to recent episodes. Lets check out the rest of the guide…

NBA2K21 Episode 24 answers | 2KTV

NBA 2K21 2KTV Episode 24 Answers

In this week’s episode, Kenny “The Jet” Smith sat down with Alexis to discuss the NBA and more… Also they talked about Neighborhood Events, Trae Young with UNINTERRUPTED, MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament news, results from Rival & Election Day, and Top Plays! Along with that came the series of questions and their answers as listed below:

  1. Any Answer
  2. Rockets
  3. Any Answer
  4. Any Answer
  5. Any Answer
  6. Any Answer
  7. Kings
  8. 6th
  9. 10
  10. Any Answer
  11. Any Answer
  12. Any Answer
  13. Any Answer
  14. Russell Westbrook
  15. B.J. Armstrong
  16. Any Answer
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NOTE: Question 9 is glitched for some reason, so be careful while answering that particular question. The answers have been provided in sequential manner so make sure to answer them in the same order as shown above.

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That is all we are sharing in this episode for NBA 2K21’s 2KTV. Stay tuned with us for more of such guides and news. Thanks for dropping by and we will see you soon with a brand new episode next week. Adios!

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