NBA 2K21 – Episode 8 Answers for 2KTV

Want to know the answers to the questions in Episode 8 for NBA 2K21s’ 2KTV? We have just the article for you. The questions and their respective answers are given. Refer to each one of them and win Free VC (in-game currency) in the process.
To access the Episodes, go to 2KTV in-game and open Recent Episodes.

Episode 8 Answers for NBA 2K21s’ 2KTV

  1. Any Answer
  2. Any Answer
  3. Any Answer
  4. Kobe Bryant
  5. Season 4
  6. Zion Williamson
  7. 92
  8. Damian Lillard
  9. Any Answer
  10. Any Answer
  11. Any Answer

Make sure to give your solutions in the order given.

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That is all we are sharing for this guide. Keep posted with us for next weeks’ answers for NBA2k21 | 2KTV. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one!

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