NBA2K20 | 2KTV Episode 29 Interactive Answers

Guide on the answers to the 2KTV Interactive questions Ep.29 in NBA2K20

This short walkthrough will involve the answers to the questions asked in the interview of episode 29 of the NBA2K20 2KTV. Please note that since the questions are randomized, we will list the answers to each of them. During the interview, simply refer to the question asked and its answer, and in no particular order.

NBA2k20 2ktv answers guide


Episode 29 Questions and their Answers | NBA2K20 2KTV

1. Which 2K game did Kevin Harlan first appear in?

Answer: NBA 2K6


2. Who was the game’s cover athlete when Kevin Harlan made his debut?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal


3. Kevin Harlan called his first NBA playoff series in what year?

Answer: 1996


4. At just 22 years old, Kevin Harlan was hired to do play-by-play for which team?

Answer: Kansas City Kings


5. Which season did Kevin Harlan first appear on 2KTV?

Answer: Season 3


6. How many times has Kevin Harlan earned the national Sportscaster of the Year honors?

Answer: 2


7. What is your favorite mode to play offline?

Answer: Any Answer


8. How many tokens does it cost to unlock a Pink Diamond?

Answer: 150


9. In MyLeague what is the maximum number of teams you can have in a customized league?

Answer: 36


10. Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Spring

Answer: Any Answer


11. Vote for your #2KTV Top Play of the Week

Answer: Any Answer


The next Episode, that is episode 30 will occur after a week. So keep the website bookmarked for the latest update in 2KTV answers for the questions, next week on NBA2K20. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments below.

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