NBA2K20 | 2KTV Episode 35 Interactive Answers

This short walkthrough will involve the answers to the questions asked in the interview of episode 35 of the NBA2K20 2KTV. You can win free VC in the process also. Please note that since the questions are randomized, we will list the answers to each of them. During the interview, simply refer to the question asked and its answer, and in no particular order.

NBA2k20 2ktv answers guide

NBA2K20 2KTV Episode 35 Questions and their Answers (Free VC)

Answer Key

1. Which team made the first overall selection in the 2020 2K Draft?

Wizards District Gaming

2. Which 2K League contender do you think is most likely to win?

Any Answer

3. Which 2K League team won their respective bracket?

Blazer5 Gaming

4. Which 2K League team will play its first season in 2020?

Gen.G Tigers/Hornets Venom GT

5. Who was the season 2 2K League MVP?

Mama I’m Dat Man

6. Which NBA team does not have a corresponding 2K League team?

San Antonio Spurs

7. NetsGC selected Choc with the___ pick in the 2020 draft?


8. How do you prefer to call for screens?

Any Answer

9. Which defensive pick & roll scheme do you use the most?

Any Answer

10. How do you usually defend off-ball screens?

Any Answer

11. Where can you adjust your on-ball & off-ball screens settings?

Defensive Settings

12. Who is your favorite duo?

Any Answer

13. Which of the following dynamic duos would you want the most?

Any Answer

14. In which Olympic Games did Dino Radja & Toni Kokoc win a silver medal together?

1988 Seoul/1992 Barcelona

15. Vote for your #2KTV Top Play of the Week

Any Answer

The next Episode, that is episode 36 will occur after a week. So keep the website bookmarked for the latest update in 2KTV answers for the questions, next week on NBA2K20. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments below.

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