NBA2K20 | 2KTV Episode 41 Interactive Answers

This short walkthrough will involve the answers to the questions asked in the interview of episode 41 of the NBA2K20 2KTV. You can win free VC in the process also. Please note that since the questions are randomized, we will list the answers to each of them. During the interview, simply refer to the question asked and its answer, and in no particular order.

NBA2K20 2KTV Episode 41 Questions and their Answers (Free VC)

Answer Key

1. Which 2KTV awards prize would you want?

Any Answer

2. Which 2KTV award could you see yourself winning?

Any Answer

3. What are the most NBA championships you’ve won?

Any Answer

4. What 2K compete event have you collected the most wins in?

Any Answer

5. Which 2K Compete event will you be participating in?

Any Answer

6. How many 2KTV apparel items do you currently have?

Any Answer

7. For Most Playground Wins, the winning number is…?


8. How many playground wins have you earned?

Any Answer

9. In which episode this season did we do a profile piece on PoorBoySin?

Episode 16

10. What position do you play the most?

Any Answer

11. Where do you play most of your games?

Any Answer

12. How many Hall of Fame badges does Anthony Davis have?


13. In Play Now Online, what tier are the bucks in?


14. What type of team do you prefer to use?

Any Answer

15. Which team would you prefer to run with?

Any Answer

16. The Interactive Wizard had to give it everything to answer the 2K Interactive Trivia correctly. How many did they answer?


17. How many Top Plays did you submit?

Any Answer

18. How many different jersey numbers did Chris Webber wear?


The next Episode, that is episode 42 will occur after a week. You can keep this website bookmarked for the latest update in 2KTV answers for the questions, next week on NBA2K20. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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