No Man’s Sky | How To Mod VR

What is the safest way to Mod NMS for VR Players or 3rd Dimensioners?



The guide aims to clear the Modding part of the VR players in NMS and clear some of the doubts.

Since this modding guide is different from the Non-VR players, so read carefully and follow them step by step to avoid issues.

  • NOTE :
  • Your No Man’s Sky folder has to run unpacked.
  • You have to unpack your Mod as well.

How do i unpack the mods?

  • For the ease of  understanding, when you have downloaded and installed this game with Steam,
    Your installed folder data comes in packed file. And this game, read and runs
    from a packed file but also unpacked file, imagine file or xxxx.rar file.
    Instead, this is xxxxx.pak.



STEP 1 : Download  PSArcTool by Periander : Download Link.

  • You will need this tool to Unpack the files.

It’s a zip file, download it, unzip it, and you’ll get an exe file.We suggest you create new folder
inside No Man’s Sky folder. Save it there. You can name the folder anything.
But don’t run it yet.


STEP 2. Back up your packed(.pak) file

  • Go to your installed folder No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS
    Back up all the xxx.pak file inside PCBANKS folder. By cut or copy every xxx.pak file
    and create new folder, name it, save it somewhere else but outside PCBANKS.

 After back up. Delete everything inside PCBANKS.

  • PCBANKS must be empty. If not, you’ll get black screen on start.



STEP 3. Unpack files

  • Select all backup xxxx.pak file. Drag it to PSArcTool.exe (drag to it and release. And not just click on it)

A lot of DOS Windows will pop up now.
It will all be gone automatically so do not worry. Wait for it to complete.
And you will have No Man’s Sky Unpacked file.

Look inside xxx.pak folder you dragged before. You’ll see folders and files that weren’t there before.



STEP 4. Moving Everything OTHER THAN xxx.pak files.

  • Move every file inside that folder except xxx.pak files to No Man’s Sky\GAMEDAT
  • check the image below to be more clear.

And now your game should be Ready for Modding!




  • You can browse the internet for your desired MOD. Here is one we would recommend : Download Link.

If you found one, make sure it supports BEYOND update.
Manual Download it, save it near PSArcTool.

You’ll get file, unzip it. Now you’ll get xxxx.pak file (see above if you forgot).
Again, drag the xxx.pak file from unzipped mod file to PSArcTool.
You’ll get new folder.

Now move that folder into No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA.

Windows will prompt to overwrite file, so Overwrite it.
(you should backup those files before overwrite, just to be safe).

And there you have it. Mission Modding successful!



  • Your No Man’s Sky folder has to run unpacked.
  • You have to unpack your Mod as well.
  • PCBANKS folder must be empty
  • Move your unpacked file to No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA not PCBANKS
  • Move your unpacked mod file to No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA not PCBANKS
  • Mod supports Beyond.
  • Some mods that modify game performance may not work with VR version.



And that will be all for our No Man’s Sky ( Beyond ) Modding guide for our fellow VR gamers. Thanks for reading!

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