Noita | All Secret Areas and Locations Guide

This guide explores all the secret places/locations you can find in the game Noita. These Areas contain hidden items which you can acquire to gain the upper hand in the game. Let’s have a look!

Noita: All Secret Locations/Areas In Game

1. West of the Mountain

West of the mountain and the mines is a giant tree and a tunnel full of water beneath it. You can spend a decent amount of time draining the water out from under the tree and get through it. There, you’ll find a scroll which is generally useless. Scaling the tree, you’ll find an egg in a nest on a branch. Staying in the nest for an extended period of time will summon acid spitting, flying eyes that can easily kill you.

2. Above the Mountain

There are many ways to get above the mountain. The easiest way is to go through the mines and head east until you find a point.  Here you can blast your way through with a bomb, or where there is a hole you can exit through. Another way is to get a Polymorphine or Chaotic Polymorphine flask and use it to become a flying sheep, this is the most useful way. You can also restart until you have a high enough mound of dirt in front of the mines entrance (very low chance).
From there, the mountain’s peak will be low and covered in snow, above it is a flying island. There is no way to get to the flying island without having first gone into the mines.  You can head East and get lucky also. If you have the Polymorphine or Chaotic Polymorphine, you can turn into a sheep again. Fly up and around the island, using the default wand to blast your way down to the orb and scroll there. If you have gone through a Portal Deeper and have the “Strong Levitation” perk or “Low Gravity” perk, you can scale back up from the East. The Location is under the super dense rock area (and its hidden area) from the Frozen Depths cavern. The altar on this flying island can be used to turn scrolls into items (We think just gold at this moment).

3. East of the Mountain

There is a small ocean (more of a lake) east of the mountain after some more grasslands. Beyond this, you’ll find the desert which stretches on for quite a while and has some interesting scenery, but little to interact with. If you go further, you’ll find the Pyramid. To get inside of you’ll need a bomb, chainsaw, or drill spell and have to tunnel your way through the seal. On top of the pyramid is an orb and a scroll. Inside the pyramid are intensely powerful enemies from later areas of the game that can easily drop your health to zero.

4. The End of the World, East

If you continue past the pyramid, you’ll come to a sheer cliff. It is made out of weird shapes which give an easy foothold to climb its face. Upon reaching the top, you will be welcomed with the message, “Entered ???” and nothing else. At that point, if you explore further into the dark of this area, you’ll find another sheer face like the one you just scaled. If you scale this, you can fly onto a rhombus of brickwork and stone in the center. If you’re good at kick, you can blow a hole into the stone top and drop another 1 (or 2) onto it to get inside. Otherwise, acid trail, acid, drill, or chainsaw can get you inside with a little work.

5. The Lava Lake, The Mines

If you enter the mines and head east, you’ll eventually find super dense rock. If you keep going down until you reach the level of depth, you’ll find a hill. This leads to a scroll talking about medicine which “cures all ills” next to a lava lake. It’s a little on the nose. However, if you pull out your water flask and use right click to build yourself a bridge across, you can find a massive gorge and more super dense stone. Flying across this gorge will take you to a secret room with a scroll and an orb. If you drop down the gorge and head west, you’ll find yourself in the Frozen Depths biome. We recommend that you challenge the Frozen Depths with default wands, so it’s best to traverse the mines and caverns below it and use this route to go back to the surface when you want to.

6. The Vault

At a certain point in one of our runs, a portal deeper’s brickwork had a hole next to it, which we thought was a glitch. When exploring deeper, however, we found our self with the message “Entered The Vault” and surrounded by metal and machines and powerful enemies. However, there are powerful spells and wands (3 rows of spells initial to one wand we found) to match. We don’t know if this is true underneath every portal deeper, but if you happen to have an acid trail spell or a drill spell, searching underneath a portal deeper may hold great treasures for your run, granted you don’t die while in the vault.

Thank you for reading this post. We will be back with more so do keep an eye on us. Good day!

Last Updated on December 19, 2020

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