One Piece Odyssey: How To Get or Unlock Gear 4

The release of One Piece Odyssey has been met with much fanfare as players immerse themselves in the much-loved anime franchise. Celebrating 25 years since its debut, developers Bandai Namco has chosen a perfect way to start 2023.

Players will be able to roam around the several worlds and arcs present in the game as they take down enemies and find the other teammates of the Straw Hat gang. You will start One Piece Odyssey as Luffy, with several items and collectibles to gather throughout the game. You will also need help from Luffy’s Gear 4, and we explain how to get it below. 

One Piece Odyssey - Gear 4

One Piece Odyssey: How to get Gear 4

Ever since you are dropped onto Mysterious Island (Watford) and have to make your way against the forces, the gear has to be upgraded from time to time. Gear 4 is of great help once more formidable enemies arrive, but there is a catch. Players will be able to only get their hands on Gear 4 and the many powers it holds after finishing Chapter 8.

The transformation cannot happen before that. This means you will have to take down Donflamingo with the help of King Kong Gun and Bounceman. The fight will occur in Dressrosa, where the Straw Hats team will have to go again. After Donflaming is down and out, the maiden ability of Gear 4 will be available. 

Snakeman, the remainder of the Gear 4 powers, gets unlocked as players progress through the storyline. You will also acquire cubes upon completion of certain milestones, which grant you Gear 4 abilities. This structure is different from the Gear 2, which allows you to get into it without any abilities. Gear 4 will require you to have skills already. 

Nevertheless, the checkpoint of defeating Donflamingo will be the starting point, which itself comes as the Straw Hat team moves into the Dressrosa arc. King Kong Gun will be the first ability you get via the defeat of Donflamingo.

One Piece Odyssey - Gear 4 unlock

One Piece Odyssey: Will there be Gear 5?

Given the history of One Piece, whether it be films or previous games, this edition is set amongst arcs. Gear 5 (Gomu Gomu no Mi) is called “Hito Hito no Mi,” and it is the fundamental nature of the Devil Fruit, which will see Luffy powering up his muscles but without the air going into him. There will be the use of limbs being inflated, and Gear 5 gets unlocked once Luffy is defeated by Kaido three times.

However, One Piece Odyssey is set post-Whole Cake, meaning there will be no Gear 5 for players to collect. This means that Gear 4 would be the last level you reach, with Gear 6 also out of reach, which would have granted Luffy immense power as they are evolutions of Gear 4. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to starting the process of getting Gear 4. It will take some time to see how far ahead players have to go, while Gear 5 is not part of One Piece Odyssey, given the differing storyline in connection with the manga. 

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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