One Piece Odyssey: Will It Be Open World?

The start of 2023 has brought great pieces (pun intended) of news for fans of a particular anime. The legions of followers of One Piece can finally rejoice with the all-new One Piece Odyssey game that will be out very soon.

Now, there are a number of questions that players and fans will have regarding the same, including whether you will be able to download it on Game Pass, the best Edition to get, and more about the gameplay.

Nevertheless, a key point of inquiry, in the beginning, surrounds the nature of the One Piece Odyssey and whether it will be an open-world adventure or not. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding what to expect from the game and how it will shape out. 

One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey: Will it be an open world?

Indeed, the game will be an open-world setting with the ability of free roam available for all players. There are a number of worlds to go to and inspect, meaning there will be a lot of freedom at your disposal in terms of traveling places. These worlds you can visit include the likes of Dressrosa, Alabasta, Water 7/Enies Lobby, Marineford, and more. 

There had been concerns that whether the game will end up ruining the anime or manga franchise, but the developers have assured us it will not happen. This is because the main story of One Piece Odyssey will accompany a bunch of “what if” possibilities with the Straw Hat crew going back in time to explore the different arcs through alternate realities. There is an island every time you travel, meaning there are open-world parts to that as well. 

One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey: What are the things we know and we do not know

As with any other unreleased game, there are some details that we will only know once One Piece Odyssey drops. A key aspect in this regard is the traveling between the old memories and different worlds.

Players would want to explore both areas as much as possible, even after completion, so will that be allowed is a question we do not have an answer to at the moment. 

One thing that is certain is the fact that players have to equip exact Straw Hat characters in order to freely roam the different areas. A cave or dungeon will be the domain of Chopper while demolishing a gate is the realm of Zoro.

Given that the Straw Hat team will not be together when you start One Piece Odyssey, you will begin as Luffy and go on the hunt for your teammates one after the other. 

Thus, that is all the information we have regarding One Piece Odyssey at the moment. Bandai Namco has gone to great lengths in order to assure the fans that it will be an open-world experience, but the extent of it will only become clear once the game launches.

One Piece Odyssey will be available for all console and PC players from January 13 and it is sure to really hit home with fans of the growingly popular franchise. 

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

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