Outer Worlds | Shrink Ray How to Get/Find

How to get the quest for Shrink ray and what is its location in Outer Worlds?


shrink ray


The shrink ray is a Unique Science Weapon in Outer Worlds which can shrink your enemies, as the name suggests. But players are getting confused as to, where to get the quest to acquire this weapon? We will tell you where and how in this article.



Which quest to do, to get Shrink Ray?

  • The Quest name is Weapons From The Void.

weapons from the void quest steps

  • You can get this quest by going into your Captain’s Quarters, in the “Unreliable” and going through the Terminals e-mails and inboxes until you come across the said quest.
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How to get the Shrink ray and Location

  • The Quest steps are quite self-explanatory. Now one of the quest steps will ask you to acquire Phineas’ Science Weapon.
  • This can be done by heading over to Phineas’ Lab, which is also the Location for Shrink Ray.
  • Once you are there, just follow the quest marker as it shows up on your screen. Upon reaching the marker destination, simply pick up the Shrink ray and you should be good to go!


And that is how you get Shrink Ray in outer worlds and the location from where you should get it.

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image credits: https://theouterworlds.fandom.com/wiki/The_Outer_Worlds


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