Outriders | Kicked From Party How To Fix

Keep getting kicked from the party while playing co-op? We have got the solution right here in this guide. With the highly anticipated release of Outriders, a new era has dawned on all players big and small. The game promises to be an all-out blockbuster sending shockwaves all around the globe! Just keep your cool if you are facing this issue and read through this guide. Hope it fixes your problem pronto!

Kicked From Party How To Fix In Outriders

The Problem

Lots of players are complaining that they are trying to play the game with a buddy but are getting kicked from their party after a few minutes. Some are saying that whether they are the host or not doesn’t seem to matter. One player has stated that their friend on Xbox has no issue connecting and staying connected to them (Steam) or their other friend (also Steam). But they cannot stay connected to their Steam friend and vice versa, so seems to be a PC to PC issue. Yet another person has said, ” I’ve been having the same issue on Steam. I have not been able to play co-op with anyone. Even if I use the “join a random team” function. It just says that I am creating a new game, and it never loads. Kind of frustrating.”

How to fix this? 

Well, I have a few troubleshooting tips that you can try. Restarting steam should fix it. Also, make sure your steam client is up to date. If you’re playing with a friend, have them do it too. I also tried it via a VPN and that also fixed the party and lobby problem for me. Once you are sure that the issue is not from the servers’ end, you can also port forward manually or via ISP to bypass any bad routing you have. I have done this in the past with similar games and it worked out pretty well for me.

Till now these are the only solutions that I can provide for you. This has fixed the issue for a majority of players and should work out fine for you too. However, there may be the odd case that it doesn’t work out. Leave a comment if you are not satisfied with the solution. I will definitely get back to you with a fix and update it in this post.

How are you enjoying playing the game? Let me know in the comments if you have a specific guide in mind. I will be back again this week with more on Outriders. Keep calm and slog it out! Hope everyone has a great week ahead and always stay happy!

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

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    1. Kindly check the NAT Type of your XBOX connection. IF it is Strict or Unknown, you may have porting issues. To fix either a porting or routing issue, have a word with your ISP so that it is moderate or Open. IF the problem still persists you may want to reach out to the dev support with this problem.

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