Outriders Worldslayer: How To Find And Defeat The Fisherman

The new Outriders Worldslayer has several enemies on Enoch whom the players have to defeat. These opponents are much stronger than the previous ones, so players have to really be on their guard when it comes to battling them.

One of the new enemies is the Fisherman, a melee-fighting boss who can inflict heavy blows. Therefore, players have to be careful when battling him and make sure to avoid his strikes as much as possible.

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The following guide will help players in defeating the Fisherman in Outriders Worldslayer in order to further their progress. 

Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer: How to find and defeat the Fisherman

First things first, players have to make sure they are equipped with a primary or secondary weapon that has Life Leech. Several characters builds have this option, so make sure to have this ready.

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This is because the Fisherman will be heavily guarded and helped by his minions and other enemies. Furthermore, go with full health, healing mods, and skills so you are able to put up a great fight. 

Now, when it comes to finding the Fisherman, you will be going through the fishing village of Driftwater. You are accompanied by Tiago, who talks about the legend of the boss’ ghost who exacted revenge on the previous group of Insurgents because they demolished Driftwater. Now, it is the player’s turn to have the battle against the Fisherman. 

The main thing to notice is the arena where you will fight the Fisherman. This is of vital importance, as you will have to navigate the area well.

The Fisherman will appear towards the bottom of the area and go straight to attack him. While this may seem counterproductive, it is imperative. While doing this, make use of any zoning, freezing, or slowing skills that you possess. 

Outriders Worldslayer - Fighting Fisherman

It is important to rush to the bottom because there are Ironclad and Scorcher enemies who are there to attack and stun you.  Therefore, you will be unable to fire, and cannot life leech so death is almost a certainty. So, once you and the Fisherman boss are the bottoms, there is an area to maneuver around. 

The Fisherman is a humanoid enemy, which means headshots are a great way to deal heavy damage. When he is slowed, make use of damage buff skills that the various builds have in their weapons. That will inflict even more damage on the boss, which makes the eventual job easier.

Going on a full frontal battle will force the Fisherman back, and give you time to reload and reset to go again. Similarly, have shields ready in place to limit the danger from them. 

As mentioned above, the Ironclads and Scorchers will throw grenades, so you have to be mobile. Nevertheless, do not turn your focus away from the Fisherman, as he has to go down first.

Once you have defeated the Fisherman, you will be able to eliminate the rest of the enemies in a normal manner. It will not be an easy fight, but with time and understanding, you will get there. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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