Outriders Worldslayer: How To Get Apocalypse Gear

The great appeal to Outriders Worldslayer has been a myriad of new items and quests that the developers have added. There is never-before-seen endgame content, PAX skill trees, and devilishly complex bosses.

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However, players have also been helped by a new set of gear and weapons which help in getting through the game. This is Apocalypse Gear, which is even better than the Legendary category. The following guide explains all you need to know about Apocalypse Gear and how to get them.

Outriders Worldslayer: What is the Gear?

First things first, the level of Apocalypse level of gear and items is different from the newly introduced Apocalypse Tiers. However, the Tiers will have an impact on how items of Apocalypse level are found.

The main attraction for going after the Gear instead of Epic or Legendary ones is not the greater stats that it possesses. It is the fact that Apocalypse gear has a third mod slot built for them. Therefore, you have an extra ability to modify as compared to Epic and Legendary gear with two. 

Apocalypse objects are just the variants of Epic or Legendary loot, and players cannot change out the extra mod slot for anything else. Players can spend what they earn to mod weapons, and even swap them out weapons or armour to make build better. This kind of tactic is available for the first two slots, but the third one is untouchable due to the heavyweight item it carries. 

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Players can upgrade Apocalypse weapons by crafting them on the bench or interacting with NPC, you will be able to see their levels rise. As is the case, you will need Titanium and Drop Pod Resources to spend, alongside the new Anomaly Extract. This is found from Elite enemies, and dismantling Apocalypse tier gear. 

Outriders Worldslayer - Apocalypse Gear Build

Outriders Worldslayer: Where to get Apocalypse Gear?

The way to get Apocalypse items is through the game itself. You will have to progress to around the halfway point of the campaign, where the first item will drop. After that, you will start receiving them more. 

Furthermore, as you keep leveling up through the Apocalypse Tiers, more enemies will drop Apocalypse Gear for you to grab. You can find them in the reward boxes in order to get to the next Tier. 

After finishing the campaign mode, make sure to go on Expeditions, whether in solo or co-op mode, which is a great way of getting more of the  Gear. All of it will be good rewards for players who are going deep into the game. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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