Outriders Worldslayer: Release Date, Trailers, Price, And More

Fans of Outriders, rejoice! The game is headed for a mega expansion this month and players are buzzing ahead of its arrival. The initial Outriders was met with great aplomb, as it gave players several new types of gameplay to focus on.

However, the storyline and characters fell a bit flat, leaving fans wondering whether it will be able to match up with the Destiny series. Well, the developers, Square Enix, and People Can Fly, certainly heard the concerns and are rolling out the red carpet.

The new mega expansion to Outriders, titled ‘Worldslayer,’ is bidding to have a completely new campaign series that continues the original theme.

Players will be up against it on Enoch, as the kingpin enemy Anomaly has now taken to hurling blizzards. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Outriders Worldslayer. 

Outriders Worldslayer Trailer Launch

Outriders Worldslayer: All details

People Can Fly are on a spree of teasing fans into what the potential gear could be in Worldslayer. They have held a legendary weapons week and a legendary armour week.

Furthermore, there is the possibility that the developers will also focus on revealing the legendary sets for each character, with only the Devastator done so far.

Additionally, they could also continue to provide more hints and clues as to how the new expansion will be different from the original. Indeed, there is a lot of hype as to what will change and what will be evolved more. 

Release date

Worldslayer is slated to be the first major upgrade to the Outriders game, which launched in April 2021. When they announced the release date of the expansion, the developers also added details on locations, gameplay, and possible storylines.

Therefore, the release date of the Outriders Worldslayer is June 30, 2022.


People Can Fly has released two trailers for the game so far, both of which are available on YouTube. The first one is the ‘reveal trailer,’ which has fans excited to take on Ereshkigal and the full might of Enoch.

The other one is a broader reveal, that talks in more detail about the new content and what fans will be able to experience. 

Outriders Worldslayer


If you are familiar with Outriders, the new Worldslayer will be pretty familiar to you. However, the gameplay will be more challenging, of course, alongside upgrading characters.

Players will also be eager to get their hands on the third mod slots, which are only for Apocalypse Gear which will be available via the new PAX system. This is a new set that players will be able to get in order to unlock additional loot. 


Players will have to shell out a bit more than £30 to get the Worldslayer expansion. However, if you are looking to buy the original and expansion together, the price increases to around £50.

Outrider Worldslayer will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, and Google Stadia. 

Last Updated on July 10, 2022

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