Outriders | Yellow Connection Bar Fixes and Details

Here in this guide, I am going to talk about a little issue which many players are curious to know about. That is the yellow connection bar issue which a vast majority of players are talking about. With the release of Outriders, the whole gaming world has been thrown into a frenzy. Never before have I seen a greater expectation about a title for a while. With a lot of hopes resting on their back, the developer team has brought out a unique experience that must be thoroughly enjoyed! Has the game delivered so far? That is a question I leave to the user. As far as the guide goes, let us take a look at the issue, its details, and some possible solutions

The Yellow Connection Bar Details and Fixes

What is the Yellow/Red Connection Bar in Outriders

A lot of players have been left confused by this thing which you are seeing in the above image. Is it actually a problem? Here’s my clarification on this subject.

Is the yellow icon in the HUD an indication of Poor connection? As far as I experience it myself, The voice chat can be perfect and other games may also work fine. This icon means your connection to the party host isn’t that great. It will vary between yellow and red, based on the connection. Some players have complained that they are literally 20 feet away from their host and it’s still yellow.

Let me first just say that your voice chat is probably not P2P and neither are most other games nowadays. So this could be a problem of the game and not you because voice chat/other games isn’t a good indicator if it is or not. This issue has been reported by players who are playing with their own brother/sister in the same house. What it does is cause lag which can be highly irritating. I think it is very likely the result of the game’s plethora of server issues.

It can happen to players who are both on PS5 (or the same platform). I also have a friend in a different state where this doesn’t show. He plays on a PS5. The one with the connection icon is on a PS4. It shows regardless of whether I host or he hosts. The thing is, it can be difficult to have a match where this doesn’t show. Nobody seemed to have the issues in the demo and nothing has changed for players internet-wise, but the lag has got significantly worse since the demo.

It could also be about bad routing. When you play with your friend who is, say, in the same house but over the internet, you aren’t directly connected to him either. You will still get routed through some connection points of your internet provider. In the best case scenario, it goes to the next (probably a small) routing spot of your provider and instantly gets sent back to your friend. But more likely it goes to the next bigger routing spot (over a couple of smaller rooting spots) and then gets sent back to your friend. (For example for me the “big routing spot” is roughly 250 odd-km away).

Some possible Fixes for Yellow/Red bar Indicators

One of the best suggestions I can give, which I have tried myself, is using a VPN. Ideally use a VPN with the same country that you reside in. That way you can get the best out of it with little to no loss in gameplay latency. VPN fixes your routing which can be caused by your ISP bad routing. There are quite a few free VPN services out there so use any one of them.

The second tip I can give is Port forwarding Outrider Servers to your routers. You can do this manually if you have admin-level access to the Core Network. I highly suggest that you talk to your ISP and tell them to do it for you just to be on the safe side. I have personally done it via my ISP. This has not only helped me in Outriders but also in games like CSGO, Destiny 2, COD, and other Multiplayer games.

You should restart your router and The PC at least once to check if there is any congestion at your end. Restarting usually frees up the stacked up data sent to your end and can sometimes fix these issues. This fix is not that popular, but it has worked for me in the past for other games.

I will not repeat the same obvious fixes like playing on wired, least users on wifi, Yada Yada. You have done it, you have seen it on every other support page of multiple games, and you already know it. What I will say is, if you are on a Wired connection that is not primary, you should play on the primary LAN Wire connection. The reason is that the secondary LAN wires get half the speed as the primary ones. This can cause some issues in online gaming, in your case, Outrides.

The last and obvious thing, if none of the above fixes work, is to contact the developers on their official support page. The developers, as far as I have seen, are fairly active. Hence I would recommend that you reach out to them. If this were some other big title where the developers do not check support tickets at all, I would not have suggested it in the first place.

I hope, you now have a clear idea about the Yellow/Red bar indicators and can possibly fix some of them. Do leave your thoughts down in the comments below. Thanks for reading and I will see you at the next one!

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