Overwatch 2: All Changes To Scoreboard And What Is MIT?

The long wait for Overwatch 2 is now at an end. Blizzard has blessed players with the PvP version of the famed Overwatch game. Though the game got off to a rocky start with server issues and a DDoS attack, it has been garnering steam ever since. Those who already have Overwatch on their system will be able to download this mega update for free on their PC or preferred console.

There are big changes from the first part, with the most consequential being 5v5 matches instead of 6v6. However, another major introduction has been the revamped scoreboard from the beta sessions. These feature a whole host of statistics and information which are crucial to have after a match and even during it. In that regard, the following guide will help players to understand everything new in this department.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2: What is new about the scoreboard?

As is known for ages, the importance of a scoreboard in shooting games is key. Everyone loves seeing the number of strikes, assists, removals, and more which are fun to know about. It is very rare to see developers messing up in this area as they hold vital importance to each individual player. However, this has always been of concern when it comes to Overwatch.

The original version also featured a pretty restricted scoreboard, which Blizzard was keen on developing in their beta testing sessions earlier this year. All of them were much better in appearance than the first Overwatch, but there was still something missing. For one thing, when players had to see more stats by enlarging the section, it was not easy to read from the screen. Therefore, some key details were left out as the result.

This forced Blizzard to take note and to their credit, they have come up with a more robust-looking scoreboard that is not taking up too much space from the get-go.

Therefore, it is clear viewing for players who want to grab hold of the most details in the game. Additionally, there are some heavy uses of abbreviations on the scoreboard which may be difficult to decrypt. You would have to be aware of them to have a full knowledge of each match.

Overwatch 2 - Scoreboard

Overwatch 2: What are the abbreviations including MIT?

A very odd abbreviation that has been posing questions is MIT. It stands for ‘Damage Mitigated.’ If it rings a bell, this is because Overwatch already had a feature called ‘Damage Blocked.’ However, the difference is that this time there is the added bonus of damage stopped via abilities as well, including the previous blocked as normal. Therefore, it includes a whole litany of items that stop the damage from being inflicted on you or your teammates which consequently stops enemies from using their own Ultimate Ability too.

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The first choice characters for MIT include Sigma, Brigitte, and Reinhardt, but they are not all. Thanks to the expanded definition, you also have Ana and her Nano Boost alongside Orisa and Fortify as front runners for damage mitigation.

Players utilizing tanks can go roam around happily knowing they are in the ascendancy, where they will be joined by supporters. Additionally, the scores will be great for both given that Overwatch 2 has MIT for everyone.

Coming to the other abbreviations and numbers that you will see on the scoreboard, Blizzard has modified this greatly. Players are now able to view how all the players are doing in the match and not just their own team or their own numbers.

Therefore, the developers had to become creative in order to fit all the information onscreen.

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Blizzard kept the scoreboard in accordance with the standard sizes of consoles, meaning a lot of the categories had to be abbreviated. You may come across several unfamiliar names which will need some time to get familiar with in Overwatch 2. Thus, the list of abbreviations is given below which will come in handy during the matches:

  • DMG – the total amount of damage inflicted
  • MIT – the total amount of damage mitigated
  • E – total number of eliminations that happened in the match
  • D – the number of times a player has been eliminated in the match
  • A – the total number of assists you get in the match
  • H – the total amount of damage that has been recovered and given that this is primarily for Support classes, everyone else will be seeing 0.

Thus, that is all the information you will need for making your way through the entirety of the scoreboard in Overwatch 2. There have been some problems with the initial running, but the overhauling of the scoreboard mechanics is definitely a bonus. You would get all the vital information you need and there is no room left for error.

Last Updated on October 7, 2022

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